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The Nigerian city of Lagos has a high threat of crime. Limited manpower, a lack of vehicles and widespread corruption have crippled local law enforcement. As a result, travel in Lagos requires vigilance and diligent consideration of security measures. As it is a large urban area, travelers should take the same precautions they would in any other major metropolitan area. In addition, adhere to the following risk mitigation strategies to be able to safely conduct business. Rely on transportation provided by local contacts. Do not explore the city alone, particularly at night. Avoid the Agege, Ajegunle, Amukoko, Badia, Bariga, Ijeshatedo/Itire, Ilaje, Iwaya and Makoko slum areas.

Airline Carrier Assessment:
British Airways: British Airways (BA) is a reputable airlines and on iJET's Preferred Carrier List. There are no issues that would warrant concern about traveling on this carrier.

Recent iJET Alerts/Situation Reports:
President Returns – Feb. 24: President Umaru Yar'Adua returned to Nigeria on Feb. 24 from Saudi Arabia, where he had been receiving medical treatment for a heart condition since Nov. 23. Yar'Adua arrived at Abuja's airport in the early morning and was escorted to his presidential palace by ambulance. Despite the president’s return, Acting President Goodluck Jonathan will continue to run the country while Yar’Adua recovers. Yar'Adua's secretive return is a sign that his health condition – the cause of political controversy in Nigeria - has not yet improved. Yar'Adua has not been seen in public since leaving Nigeria, drawing calls by critics, political opponents and activists for him to step down. Parliament’s decision to allow his deputy Jonathan to become acting president on Feb. 9 has nominally helped to resolve the political turmoil created by his extended absence. Uncertainty surrounding Yar’Adua’s health and the political vacuum it produced have in the past prompted protests in major cities, including Lagos. However, with Jonathan at the helm, disputes in the near term will likely be concentrated among members of Yar’Adua and Jonathan’s ruling party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and between their supportive political camps. Avoid public discussion or speculation about the President’s health.

MEND renounces ceasefire Jan. 30 and promises new attacks on oil industry assets in Niger Delta, Nigeria: After a three-month ceasefire, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) announced Jan. 30 that they would renew attacks on oil industry assets and personnel in the Niger Delta. MEND advised it did not believe the government would honor their promise to restore greater control to citizens over the natural resources and land in the Niger Delta.

MEND ordered a ceasefire in October after the government promised unconditional amnesty to thousands of militants who disarmed. Becoming increasingly unsatisfied with the government's inability to make good on promises to former militants of cash payments, job...

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