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Security Vs Privacy Essay

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Do you now that the government spies on you? Is it okay for you for them to spy on or not? Since the 9/11 incident in 2001, the U.S has greatly the security throughout the whole nation this is known as the Patriot Act. There’s been a debate whether the U.S government has the right to spy on us like listening to our private conversation on our phone. In Bruce Schneier’s article “The Eternal Value of Privacy” from Wired magazine, talks about the importance of privacy to the human kind. In Chris Cillizza’s article “In the battle between privacy and security, security always wins” from the Washington Post, talks the reasons the government has the right to intrude in our privacy. Based on this two article, Schneier’s article has the strongest argument in this debate.
Schneier’s article is the strongest out of the two articles because it provides a logical answer to the questions asked. The quote “Privacy is a basic human need” which logical answer the question in mind “Why we need privacy?” makes this article really strong. This quote means that Privacy is one of the simplest basic thing we humans need its part of our nature. This quote is important because it connects to the importance of privacy to us. Another strong piece of evidence that shows the strength this article is this quote: “Because the government gets to define what’s wrong, and they keep changing the definition. This quote means that the government defines what’s wrong whether it is right or wrong and they always do it. This piece of evidence strengthens the article because it shows how the government have the upper hand on whether they could take our privacy away from us. Schneier’s article is the clear winner over Cillizza’s because it uses logical answers to convince the readers about the value of privacy. Do there is one piece which weakens the article. This quote from paragraph 4 “Watch someone long enough and you’ll find something to arrest” weakens this article. In this quote he tries to express an idea that supports the other sides argument. This is not as strong as the other evidence given before. This is because his supporting the other sides argument which...

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