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Sedentary Behavior In Children Linked To Increase Risk Of Overweight/Obesity

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Sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with little or no regular physical activities. As technologies are developed and improved upon, most human activities have become automated, this reduces active physical activities involve in daily lifestyle, such as walking to school, working on the farm, playing at the parks, to watching television, playing video games, computer games all day. Hence, being involve in regular physical activities has become a matter of choice, which most people are not dispose to doing. There has been continuous increase of children with obesity in United States. Factors such as, unhealthy eating patterns, genetic factors, lack of physical activities or a ...view middle of the document...

I would be using the BMI calculator to calculate for age and weight in children. I will monitor children who are at risk of being overweight and encourage parent to develop a healthy lifestyle, which include, healthy nutrition and increased physical activities. I will advocate communities to be involved in the prevention of obesity, and children irregular physical activities in order to encourage them to be physically active. I will educate parents on the importance of encouraging their children to be involved in irregular physical activity and the benefit they can derive from it. According to the journal Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology (Guihouya Benjamin C., 2012), it states that “The participation of children in regular physical activity has emerged as an important health construct, given its positive effects on bone health, cardiovascular risk factors, musculo-skeletal system, and psychological well-being.” I will encourage parent to be involved in their children activities.
Children are active and encourage when their parents are involve in their regular activities. Parents who are involve in their children activities bond well and are part of their children’s lives. Such children feel free to share their worries and interest with their parents. More so, I will encourage parents to be role model for their children by being active themselves. I will advise that parents could take their children to play at the park, where they can play hide-and-seek, jump rope, running and catching, kicking or jumping. For older...

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