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Sedentary Behaviors And Cardiovascular Diseases Essay

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Cardiovascular diseases come in many forms ranging from atherosclerosis to hypertension and even strokes. Today’s leading cardiovascular diseases are the result of various contributing factors, particularly lifestyle choices. Among these lifestyle choices, sedentary behaviors has become a prominent trend in the American society. Sedentary behavior refers to any waking activity with energy expenditure lower than a 1.5 metabolic rate such as sitting or lying down. The rising trend of sitting more and becoming less active is beginning to imbed itself as second nature and a social norm. The correlation between sedentary behaviors and cardiovascular health complications is evidence that preventative care is key in combating and reducing the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases.
Interrupting sedentary behaviors whenever you can is key in reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases. The recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day is not enough. Take every opportunity to walk around whether relaxing at home or working in the office. Regardless, sedentary behaviors come in many forms. Although some are more harmful than others, the duration of these behaviors are ultimately determined by the individual. Recognizing and acknowledging the issue is key to preventative care. Combating cardiovascular diseases may simply be a short stroll after dinner or spending less time on the screen and expending energy elsewhere. Ultimately, the choice is dependent on the individual, and an action plan cannot succeed without the cooperation and willingness of the individual.
Looking forward, sedentary behaviors will continue to further root itself in daily activities as it becomes more socially accepted. Combating cardiovascular diseases by reducing sedentary behaviors can be more difficult as time progresses due to technology and modern convenience. Younger generations have begun to adapt to this new mentality of sitting more and moving less. Evidence of instilling sedentary behaviors in society is evident in many forms. For instance, office work at a desk or even entertainment during leisure time via video games, mobile devices, or television.
Acknowledging sedentary behaviors as an issue greatly contributes to scientific knowledge. Understanding these behaviors, the negative consequences and risks involved is vital knowledge not only to the scientific community, but also the wellbeing of humanity itself. Sedentary behaviors is not the only contributing factor that promotes cardiovascular diseases, but the continuous growth of modern technological conveniences and entertainment has made sedentary behaviors an unavoidable issue. Recognizing these behaviors and their correlation to cardiovascular diseases are imperative. The research applied to this issue is vital as the awareness of the negative connotations involved enable further research and scientific knowledge to better preventative care.
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