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People say that actions are louder than words. However, the art of persuasion are mostly about the usage of language; how words affect actions that follows it. What Machiavelli suggested is what every politician today does; use words in whichever manner to get to one's goal, but do not fall for flattery. Politicians and people alike have been able to talk their way into peace, treaties, and other negotiations. On current terms, it's a diplomatic advice. How George Bush got the United States to support his idea for war was through his speech to the Americans. He certainly did not pay the American citizens for their support, unless one counts the tax cut. There are situations in life where money serves no purpose. One can buy temporary support that is extremely superficial, but for support that reaches their emotions and their hearts, one has to reason and convince the other party. Negotiation is just a fancy word for verbal persuasion when it boils down. Most things in this society are about this "seduction." If Sue wanted to buy the Lord of the Rings DVD set, she would have several options. She could 1) buy it, 2) buy it on eBay (which is a form of negotiation), 3) do a joint-venture with a friend (which is a form of negotiation), 4) plead for a copy (which is using the power of suggestion)... 5) steal (which does not make use of words). Notice how most of the options available requires one to negotiate. In order to persuade the public to hold onto certain values, the media works extremely hard to craft their words so that it'll stick to the audience.

It is said that flattery can get you places if you use it right, but according to Machiavelli, a perfect prince will not fall for flattery. However, in Othello by William Shakespeare, Iago uses the might of words to bring Othello, a soldier who was considered the prince of the city with his strength, charisma, and the determination to protect the city of Venice, to his downfall. Communicating with people in a sense that they will believe in the words, along with flattery is all that of a political psychology. It is not of physical seduction, but of mental emotional persuasion. Iago seems to grasp onto this political psychology concept from persuading Othello to believe his words against Desdemona, from making his wife to act for him without questioning.

Flattery is a dangerous tool and according to Machiavelli it is one that the prince must watch out for because it will lead to his demise like how it led Othello to his demise. "There is no other manner of guarding against adulation than for men to understand that they can tell you the truth without offending you: yet if everyone can do this you lose respect." (The Prince, pg. 112) A prince must be someone who listens to others opinion but at the same time control the agenda of the country. As far as getting ideas from others, it must only be when the prince himself asks for it in order to preserve order. "Wherever...

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