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A sudden jerk woke Luke from his sleep; his chest felt sore from another pummeling that Henry, the school bully, gave him the day before. A humble and withdrawn boy, Luke was viewed as a pushover by all the other students. It did not help that he was only five-five and a scrawny stick, weighing a mere 120 pounds. Luke felt that he had no purpose in life and was living day by day not knowing why he was studying or why he was living. However, that morning he felt smaller than usual. Luke knew something was wrong; he called for his mom, but there was no reply. He tried to summon his parents again, still to no avail. Luke climbed out of bed, more so rolled out of bed and onto the floor with his chest still beating in pain. Suddenly, a strong breeze from his left carried him through the air and out the window.He landed outside in a deep puddle that came from last night’s rainfall. As he tried to roll to his upright position, he glanced at his reflection from the puddle, and he noticed a strange change in his appearance – in fact, he was skeptical whether it was even him. Luke began to panic; his body became drenched in sweat and miry rainwater. Suddenly, his eyes closed and the world had begun to spin. When he regained control, he found himself embedded in what appeared to be fertile soil. I’m no longer human, Luke thought. It was true, he was now a mustard seed. This was unbelievable; he went from being a low-life outcast that everyone hated and harassed to an even more humiliating, shameful, and worthless mustard seed. Luke broke down, he cried all through the day and well into night. He was on the brink of despair; how could he transform into something more inferior than what he used to be, how was it even possible? Luke contemplated, how did I change – was it something I ate? Regardless, the fact of the matter remained – he was a seed, and he needed food. Through all the sorrow and dejection, Luke tried to be optimistic and keep his hope and faith. A couple of days passed as Luke pondered about his life in the fertile soil of the front yard’s garden, and on the third day he felt a tingling sensation. He was blossoming. Must’ve been my tears that triggered the auxin release, assumed Luke. From a tiny mustard seed, Luke began to grow rapidly. In a matter of weeks he had become a strong, mature tree. He had a wide, round trunk and thick, long branches.Still, Luke was discouraged by the fact that he was unable to retain a human appearance and his purpose in life was still mysterious to him. Even as a tree, he grieved over his appearance because the feeling of inferiority remained. As time passed, he started to realize that he had become a prominent figure for many people and animals. His first interactions as a plant, or vegetation (as he’d call himself), was with squirrels. In Luke’s neighborhood, there was a stray dog that harassed all the smaller animals, especially the squirrels. On a particular...

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881 words - 4 pages He told them another parable, “The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches”. Matthew 13:31-32 This was the verse the Lord has put in our heart when the WEC Team was preparing to hand over Community Health & Education

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1022 words - 5 pages yields. Weather effects on the crops will be decreased because they can now grow stronger and better to withstand harsh weather conditions . Bacteria and fungi can break down a crop and make it useless not growing any grain, making the crop sick, or dead. With improved seed methods they can make the crops where they can withstand these bacteria and fungi. Lots of people complain and are scared of biotechnology seeds, they think they are unsafe, but

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910 words - 4 pages Versailles. Although the need to weaken Germany after such a horrifying war was understandable, stripping away hundreds of square miles of territory and limiting German military to only 100,000 men and six naval ships were unreasonable and only humiliated the Germans and planted the seed of hatred within their hearts. The Treaty of Versailles was drafted in hopes to end the Great War and all the other wars, but the severe punishments imposed upon

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681 words - 3 pages thought into one's mind and heart, it can take much more work to harvest this thought into a full and rich understanding, growing to appreciate God's kingdom and the work He has done for us.Comparison:Jesus likens the kingdom of God to a mustard seed. Jesus notes how small the mustard seed is, yet it is able to grow to be greater than all the herbs of the field. This certainly describes the nature of God's kingdom. It would start off very small

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766 words - 4 pages The seed plow was a mesopotamian invention that revolutionized the world and made agriculture easier for them. Many people may think that it wasn’t important and ask, why was the seed plow an important invention? Another question would be, What is the seed plow? How is the seed plow like modern day farming? The seed plow is a big importance to the world today. The seed plow is a major piece of equipment. It helped the agriculture by

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985 words - 4 pages When planting a seed, many factors allow the seed to grow and become a plant. To sprout from the ground, and to survive, seeds need water, air, and a certain temperature. Seeds can get water, oxygen, and sun by being placed at the proper planting depth. Planting depth is the depth at which a seed is placed in the soil. If a seed is exposed to these important needs, it goes through a process called germination. According to the Wise Geek article

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1134 words - 5 pages Seed dispersal is the transport or movement of seeds away from the parent plant in order to help prevent the overcrowding (if this happens plants would not have enough food and light to survive in the area) and help to create new colonies. Thus giving the seed the best chance to germinate in a new location away from the parent plant and hopefully start new colonies. Due to the fact plants have limited mobility they rely on a variety of

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2034 words - 8 pages Intertextuality in Robert Kroetsch's Seed Catalogue The late poet John Donne said, "No man is an island." Donne passed away in the earliest part of the seventeenth century, and yet he recognized an idea upon which much of modern philosophy and literary criticism is built. Donne said, in effect, that any individual man is nothing outside the body of mankind; Donne thereby supports a theory of cultural subjectivism. In the field of

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1190 words - 5 pages effort resulting in less than favourable grower and consumer-valued qualities. The carrot was New Zealand’s third largest vegetable seed crop in 2012 with an export value of $17.8 million (Freshfacts, 2012) and is still a major production crop in the Canterbury Plains where production has become a convenient out-of-season location for European hybrid types. Soil and seedling It is important that the soil is in a healthy condition prior to

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