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Looking For A Roommate Essay

1330 words - 6 pages

So you know those freakishly large people, like 6’6” and 250 pounds worth of muscle. No, thats not me but it is my two best friends Blake and Shay. Yeah, its the giants and me, we’re like the three musketeers, we do everything together, well pretty much everything. People stop us on the streets to take our pictures, apparently we look pretty funny together. I guess I can see it, you see I’m 5’7”, Blake’s 6’5”, and Shay is 6’6”, so I pretty much look like a midget even though I am on the tall side for a female.
You know how I said we do everything together, I wasn’t kidding. Shay graduated two years before me and Blake a year after that. They waited to go to college so we could all go together. I know what you’re thinking why did they waste precious Shaye waiting for me instead of going to college, well they tend not to be too responsible so if they would of gone off to college without someone to mother them, it wouldn’t have gone so well. Now we all go to UNR together and share a two bedroom, two bath apartment 15 minutes by bike away from campus. They share one room and I have my own. It works out pretty well, except for the fact that I am pretty much their maid... OK I am their maid, they never clean up after themselves.
Everything was going great, that is until Blake read an article about 5 being the lucky number for everything that piqued his interest. So here I sat on our couch patiently-OK so not exactly patient- listening to him ramble on about how we needed two more roommates reach the lucky and whole number of five... I don’t know, he’s weird. “Come, on Reilly. The apartment is shrouded in bad luck. Two more roommates would even it all out. One could share a room with you and the other one could stay in our room. Pleeeeeease,” Blake was attempting to plead with me to let him find us two more roommates, but my answer was still no- Oh Gosh he’s doing the puppy eyes, I can’t say no to the puppy eyes. I mean how bad could it be, my room is pretty big I could fit another roommate in there, but the boys on the other hand would be pretty cramped with three in a room. For some odd reason even though there were two of them in their room and only one of me they insisted that I take the small room. And that would be two more mouths for me to cook for and clean up after. I needed to quell this idea fast.
“Come on Skye... how bad could it be. I mean it could be fun. Maybe you’d even have another girl to hang out with. I’ll even help clean and cook,” Shay- that evil troll- had joined Blake’s side. Well, I guess it couldn’t be that bad right...
So here I sat in between two mountains of men interviewing potential roommates. For some odd reason we had a surfeit of applicants, cheerleaders (ummmm no), the “popular” jerks ( why would I want to be degraded every day), nerds, musicians, thespians, and model worthy Jocks. Lots of model worthy jocks from school, and all of them were as big as Shay and Blake and a lot of them had attitudes to match. A couple...

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