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Seeking Admission To A Doctoral Degree Program

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I wish to enroll a doctoral degree program majoring architecture with a specialization in environmental design. I believe this program will enrich my knowledge and skill to successfully understand and practice designing and teaching the built-environment in the urban, metropolitan, and rural setting in Indonesia. Therefore, I would like to comprehend the theory and history of a city with its culture and people, and to identify each overlapping layers of social and physical environment for the better future of built-environment in Indonesia.

Throughout my life, I have spent in a society with distinctive social diversity. People are classified based on their ethnicities, religions, and ...view middle of the document...

On the contrary Jakarta has heterogeneous people from different background and heterogeneous physical environment, like urban, rural, and slum area, thus it has tricky social and environmental problems that always flare up. Those issues cannot be only solved based on community, but they need a quick and right solution. Meanwhile, social - political action shapes city (Soja, 2010) and history and present phenomena determine the socio – spatial form where every society tries to accentuate their identity using architecture. Political economy, and technology have roles in urban transformation (Castell, 1989), the same way nationalism, culture, and memory affect the society (Anderson, 1991) hence understanding and proposing city are always related to memory, power, and identity.

Equipped by my thesis, “Urban Colonialism in Batavia: Dissecting the Social – Spatial Form of Inequality in Colonial City”, I have found that the city has not only been actively designed, but it has also been passively shaped by the social, economic, and political aspects. These aspects, both unconsciously and consciously transform memories, cultures, and identities into city planning and symbolic building. Though my thesis is from a different time, it explains how memory, tradition, and culture from every social group shapes the urban form. In the result of my practical and academic experiences, the needs to expertise the environmental design in developing countries is both important and challenging as it has complexity and overlapping problems. These problems manifest the necessity of experts in urban design who comprehend the context and fit solution.

Furthermore, the importance of social and spatial form in an urban realm has led me to my interest of study, “Formulating the Socio – Spatial [Text]ure of Urban Memory, Power, and Identity in Jakarta”, to deepen environmental design knowledge and skills by pursuing a doctorate degree in...

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