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The ability to overcome obstacles, to navigate through dust, sand, and rough terrain, and to lead brave men, has equipped me with the intestinal fortitude to face challenging circumstances. As an “Operation Iraqi Freedom” combat veteran, I have succeeded in fulfilling my duty to our country; my duty to serve others however, has not ended. All of my life’s work—personal, occupational, and educational—seem to have led me to this point in space and time.
Professional Career Goals:
I have earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences with a 3.65 GPA in my major. Thus, I am positive that I have met the requisite preparation for the rigorous road ahead of me. By way of wisdom, ...view middle of the document...

Once established and feel that I have mastered the skills, framework, and dimensions that are outlined in the American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) national model, I may consider furthering my education.
My Experiences:
My professional experiences have challenged me to develop competency in multiple areas of social services to include: administrative functions, case management, youth and family counseling, intakes and assessments, and crisis intervention. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety and complexity that these responsibilities have required of me as they have helped build character and personal courage. As supervisor of multiple school-based prevention and intervention programs, I have had the honor to help cultivate students into effective peer leaders and to witness their personal growth which have been both satisfying and rewarding. One particular position that I held was working with high school aged students who were ordered by the juvenile courts to continue their education through a special community school. I was able to mentor, tutor, counsel, and guide these students in building resumes, assist them with college applications, financial aid documents, and assist in their individualized educational plans. This is the point in my life that I received confirmation that educational counseling was the career path for me.
Through my work, I have been positively challenged in ways that I had not anticipated and have gained as much appreciation, if not more, from my interactions with students as they have. To see life’s changes in youth and their families have been remarkable to be a part of, and I feel privileged being able to continue my pursuit in a field where I can witness and aid in students’ holistic educational development. The aforementioned numbers of experiences have contributed to my decision to pursue a career in this field and have helped to clarify the path towards accomplishing my goals. I look forward to these continued endeavors as I further my education to reach these goals.
Over the past two years that I have spent at California State University San Marcos, I was enlightened by the sense of warmth and belonging that I felt there. As a...

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