Seeking Clarity: What Is A Supervillain?

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Superheroes are often the pure forces of benevolence who strive to protect those weaker than them. However, the presence of superheroes always begets the rise of supervillains who stand to oppose them. These entities are constructs of malevolence who represent ideals that are the antithesis of superhero ideologies. However, the characteristics of a supervillain are shrouded in ambiguity and necessitate creation of a concrete and descriptive definition. There are particular criteria that are essential to the classification of supervillain. Among these standards is the ability to utilize superpowers, a display of high-level intelligence, a warped vision of the world, and a merciless tendency to do evil. In Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, Doctor Doom displays the aforementioned characteristics throughout the comic. In battling Iron Man and pursuing the power of Excalibur, Victor von Doom corroborates the features of a supervillain and represents them to their fullest extent.
Superpowers are necessary criteria when defining the primary characteristics of a supervillain. The superpowers define how the supervillain acts and where he or she will land on the spectrum of evil. Without a superpower element, the supervillain would be hindered in his battle against super heroism. Doctor Doom, in Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, equips several superhuman capabilities through the advent of technology and sorcery. As a man of genius level intellect, Victor von Doom is able to create and adapt technology to his will. For example, Doom swiftly reprograms a highly advanced time travel machine into a dimensional transporter as a means to reach Mephitso (Michelinie 16). This demonstrates his ability to create technology to augment physical and mental capabilities. However, Victor von Doom is unique among the superheroes and supervillains due to his unique ability to both harness scientific technology and control the mystical powers of sorcery. He exhibits an uncanny affinity to direct the powers of magic. In order to amplify his magical abilities, Doom studies arcane texts, hones magical abilities under the tutelage of sorcerers throughout time, and seeks the power of Excalibur (Michelinie 28). Sorcery allows Doom an advantage against scientific superheroes who are averse and foreign to the concept of magic.
Through his magical abilities and his strong technological advancements, Victor von Doom possesses superpowers that augment his claim to the supervillain title.
Supervillains also need the essential asset of a high level intelligence. Through their intellect, supervillains are able to swiftly and cunningly challenge their superhero foes. By utilizing his intelligence, Doctor Doom was able to not only best Iron Man, but also fool Morgan le Fay into granting him the power of Excalibur. Doom’s extreme intelligence allowed him to combat the valiant efforts of Iron Man and effectively employ technology that favored his plots of revenge and power (Michelinie 35 – 37). Doom’s...

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