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Seeking Revenge Essay

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Some see revenge as a way to get even, but that is not the right thing to do and that is what Sir Francis Bacon is trying to proclaim in Of Revenge. Bacon believes private revenges are not something to do. Bacon thinks only evil people want revenge in private. As said by Sir Francis Bacon, “…private revenges it is not so. No, vindictive person live the life of witches: they are mischievous and come to a bad end.” Bacon thinks nothing good will come out of private revenge. Bacon does believe in public revenges though. The difference between public and private revenges is that public revenges are necessary and done with a purpose. Other types of literature also express his idea of revenge in different but similar ways such as in Romeo and Juliet, The Interlopers, and The Blade of Grass in a Dreamless Field.
Romeo and Juliet have a forbidden love for each other and people seek revenge to just hurt themselves as Bacon is trying to prove. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt ...view middle of the document...

Although Romeo seeks revenge and only hurts himself, Ulrich and Georg also make the same mistake in The Interlopers.
Ulrich and Georg are put in a position to make a choice to either seek revenge or to not and this decision may affect them forever. Ulrich and Georg’s families have a hatred for each other. Both men end up getting stuck under a tree together and are trying to figure things out. The men, “Each had a rifle in his hand, each had hate in his heart and murder upmost in his mind” (Saki). Ulrich and Georg plan on seeking revenge by whosever men come back first to save them, they will kill the other. The men make threats to each other while waiting. One of the two then says, “Your men will find you dead under a fallen beech tree” (Saki). They both continue this argument, but then a light bulb turns on in one of their heads. They realize there is no point in killing the other when if they do not, then the family feud will end forever. It turns out to be too late for this though because wolves come and eat them both before either the Ulrich and Georg’s men come to save them and the family feud continues. The two men realized how seeking private revenge on one another would not lead to good things. Although Ulrich and Georg wanted to seek revenge on each other, this also happens in The Blade of Grass in a Dreamless Field.
Takashi Tanemori has to deal with internal conflict within him that will help him decide if it is right to seek revenge. The bomb has been dropped in Hiroshima, Tanemori’s hometown, and he is very upset with the Americans because of this. He is dealing with conflict in himself about seeking revenge on the Americans. Tanemori says, “My soul is torn-this rage inside.” Tanemori’s rage is in himself and if he decides to follow through with his plan, he is only hurting himself. Tanemori feels, “This life of anguish seems to be my destiny” (Tanemori). He thinks living through this pain is how his life is going to be. Tanemori decides to turn his thinking around about things. He then forgives America for doing this to Hiroshima and makes peace with the Americans. Tanemori realizes that seeking revenge on America is an internal conflict and is only hurting him if he continues. Bacon proves his idea of private revenge being unnecessary correct.

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