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Spiritual health is the capacity and ability to seek, experience, and express meaning and purpose in our lives often through love, hope, gratitude, forgiveness, peace, and community in order to enjoy a sense of the Sacred (as you understand it). Spiritual health provides the sense that life is meaningful and has a purpose and is defined by the ethics, morals and values that guide you and give meaning and direction to your life.
Certain spiritual practices can help us care for our spiritual health. Our spiritual health needs attention and intention just as much as our physical and social and mental health. There are varieties of spiritual practices geared towards different strengths, preferences, and our own personalities. Often times, we find these practices in spirituality and/or religious experience. No one practice or discipline is better than another. How can you tell which one is right for you? If you find yourself experiencing more peace, more life satisfaction, and more meaning and purpose in your life, more than likely those particular spiritual practices are right for you.
It is often helpful to approach these disciplines or practices in terms of your entire body experience of sight, touch, sound, and even taste. If you are a visual person, you may wish to try meditating or even praying with art or specifically, religious icons. Simply behold the artwork and allow it to "speak" to you. What details do you notice? What does the artwork signify? What does this artwork say to you regarding your Higher Power?
If you tend to "hold things inside," you may want to try journaling as a way to express yourself, your thoughts, and your feelings. It can provide a creative release of your interior life that can lead to greater self-understanding and more appreciation of your own unique behavioral patterns. Journaling can be a freeing experience because it allows you the opportunity to be real and authentic without fear of judgments. This kind of genuine and reliable relationship with your self can foster a deeper relationship with God, a Higher Power, or your sense of the Sacred.
If you enjoy quiet, you may consider meditation, centering prayer, or various forms of mindfulness. With meditation, the objective is to still the mind from all...

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