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Segregation As A Result Of Immigration

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In times where large amounts of people have the possibility to travel, there has been a tremendous amount of movement in the world, not only for pleasure, but for work opportunities as well. This has lead to a huge migration process from “poor” countries to “rich” countries in search for a better income. Hence what are the consequences of such migration? These individuals, in search for better job opportunities or a better life, bring with them their religion, traditions, culture and language, creating a big diversity in their hosting countries. Diversity is normally seen as an enriching and stimulating element for a country, but there can be too much diversity as well. This essay argues that extensive immigration and multiculturalism has a negative impact on the psychological, social and economic transformation of the hosting country, in this case the UK, bringing with it conflict and weakened trust in the society and as a result the deterioration of the current welfare state.

Commencing with the definition of the first point: the psychological impact. We humans have a natural instinct to favour one of our own, as opposed to an outsider. This is basic human nature and it is built in our DNA, without us realizing it. We often choose to socialize with people “like us”, live and work with people “like us” in general feel more comfortable and can better relate to someone that shares our values and traditions, creating solidarity with our fellow man, as long as he or she is one of our own. This brings me to the second point, the social transformation stemming from too much immigration. As a result of mass diversity, UK is a country with numerous groups of people having different values and traditions. This strains the social cohesion in the country, like Robert Putnam found in his research work: E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the Twenty-first Century. He states that the more diverse a country or area is, the lower the trust levels within the community, not only with “the outsiders” thus the immigrants, but also with the people that look like us as well, this then leads to lower levels of trust in the local government. Mr. Putnam’s research was done in the US, but similar findings have been made in the UK as well. In the UK ethnic minorities are seen as outsiders, weakening trust and solidarity among citizens, contributing to the depleting willingness of redistribution of the welfare to the co-citizen as it once was. (1)

Now that we have seen how extensive diversity erodes social cohesion, I would like to point out the consequence of this. In the US, diversity has been a problem since the time of colonization; European settlers in battle with the Indians, then slavery, and as a result to slavery, the civil war between the southern and the northern states, all the way to the race-related riots in the 60s. Diversity still currently re-presents a big problem in society; there are continuous riots between blacks and Hispanics, forcing...

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