Segregation Of Blacks And Whites In Sports And Societies U.S. History 1301 History Research Paper

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Gila Delgado
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17 May 2017
Separation of Blacks and Whites in Sports and Societies
Jackie Robinson number 42 in Baseball, during segregation. During most games Mr. Robinson was not allowed to play because some coaches, umpires, or policemen on the field would ban or tell him he could not play because this was a whites only game. The differences and similarities between the Brian Helgeland film 42 and the separation of black and white, in sports and societies are striking and they deserve thorough examination.
Segregation in sports in the 1900’s was rough especially for one man who played in major league baseball for Robinson. Competitors, companions and even strangers would call Robinson rude names during games, even while he was sleeping. In one scene the film shows Jackie receives letters and they are not from the fan club. Although there may be a few players who stand up for Robinson because they know he isn't allowed to fight back (Helgeland, 2013). Although Robinson played baseball, football, basketball, and track in college with white men many thought though he was not worthy, responsible, or too violent because of his skin color (alumni).a ``
Fig.1. In this photograph it shows one of Jackie Robinson’s discriminators, On the left s Ben Chapman. (NYtimes)
Although Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play baseball, there were other who played in sports. “There were separate teams for black players because they were not allowed to play on white professional teams.”(Color barrier)
In society segregation, Jackie Robinson was first chosen to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers; one of the flight attendants gave Rachel Robinson, and Jackie Robinson's tickets away to a white couple. It shows that in society they are not equal and not treated the same. It also shows Rachel being surprised when she first saw a whites only restroom and said, “ I’ve just never seen one before” before she walked in.
Fig. 2. A photograph is being shown that there is a crisis that there was segregation...

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