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In the documentary "Queen of Versailles," Jackie and David Siegal show the hardships of being one of the most wealthy people in the country. In the beginning of the documentary, everything in their life is close to perfect. They are a wealthy couple, have children and are building their dream house also the largest house in America. Everything was going well for them until the 2008 financial crisis occurred in which the real estate market collapsed. Although the weeks reading were hard to interpret, some of the things in them were clearly seen in the documentary.
One of the first things I noticed was how many children the Siegal family had. They have seven of their own kids and one that Jackie took in from her sister. With so many children they needed over 3 nannies. All the nannies were from Spanish countries and they all worked in order to send money back to their families at home. Barbera Ehrenreich describes the process of coming to America and working as a house maid or nanny. Since the Siegal's have a huge house, they needed women to clean and take care of the house itself. This can also relate to the womanization articles as it is clear that these women from outside countries are doing things that is expected of women such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of children. It is clear that the kids have respect for the nannies since they spend more time with the nanny than with their parents. This can also relate to Wallerstein's "Soft Multilateralism" article in which he writes, "persuade governments of the South that their economic future lay in...export-oriented globalization." Although humans aren't exactly a commodity, these nannies are leaving their country in order to make a living else where and send the money back to their home country.
Although some may...

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