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Seinfeld: A Show About Nothing. Essay

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Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time. Although when at first glance it may seem like it is similar to many other sitcoms, upon a closer look it is really quite different. It is it's ingeniously written, reality based plots, and comical characters and conversations which separates Seinfeld from similar comedies. Seinfeld was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld with the intention of making "a show about nothing." The show details the lives and experiences of four individuals living in New York City. By using some comical experiences straight out of Larry David's and Jerry Seinfeld's lives they were able to twist the incidents slightly and create masterpiece after masterpiece. In a sense Seinfeld shows reality better than actual reality shows. Some of the situations are just so funny and ridiculous you just can not stop laughing. Although it is not just the situations that make the sitcom so funny, it is the comical nature of the characters put in these ridiculous situations as well.As many people would agree Cosmo Kramer is the funniest character on Seinfeld, or even any sitcom. He is Jerry's wild next door neighbor who is always just barging into Jerry's room in the same exact way. Based on a next door neighbor Larry David actually use to have, he knew right away when he saw Michael Richards that he was the perfect Kramer. He is always borrowing things from Jerry and never gives them back, and it seems like Jerry's refrigerator is Kramer's as well. Kramer is constantly coming up with moneymaking schemes. It is Kramer's ideas which usually get the gang into comical situations. For example in one episode Kramer and Newman, also a neighbor of Jerry's, decide to round up a bunch of bottles and bring them to Michigan where they can get 10 cents each for them. They get a Uhaul van and load it up. While driving to Michigan they see a car very similar to Jerry's in front of them. Seconds later they get a call from Jerry letting them know his car was stolen. So Kramer decides to ride him real close and then the car thief starts throwing Elaine's bosses extremely expensive golf clubs at them, which were in the car. So Kramer and Newman end up throwing all of their bottles out of the back of the van because they were "weighing them down" to catch up to Jerry's car and end up getting in trouble for littering. This is just one example of the crazy situations the characters are put in episode after episode. It seems like nearly impossible for someone to come up with material like David and Seinfeld do. Yet they managed to do it again and again. Kramer is only one character that makes the show so funny.George plays the pathetic character who also happens to be Jerry's best friend. Through out all of the shows George is constantly getting new jobs. The problem is that he can never hang onto those jobs for long at all. Therefore he is unemployed quite often, and lives with his parents quite often, who he just happens to despise of....

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