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As it was stated by our country’s founding father, Benjamin Franklin, “you may delay, but time will not. The assignment given, encouraged me to acutely contemplate his words, which in turn lead me to realize how powerful of a concept he really conveyed. If you think about it, since the beginning of time, time has remained perfectly constant without any pauses or interruptions, and could possibly be our most accurate form of systematic measurement. Not to mention, living in a world that functions solely on time, it’s relieving to know we can always count on time, as Father Time will never be late and should be upheld as our most reliable source. Moving clockwise, this assignment asked me to ...view middle of the document...

As a person that’s driven by responsibilities, I would argue that any person who’s started a family, man or woman, would agree that raising a child, let alone children, is potentially the biggest responsibility they’ve ever encountered. In my case, I’m doing my very best to raise three young girls, into the woman I dreamed of becoming when I was a child. It goes without saying that my girls are as dependent on me as I am on them. To ensure I give them my all, I went a step further in caring for them using just my parental instincts, and have read extensive parenting books, random articles, and even to a degree reviewed some psychology case studies to discover how an involved mother’s presences greatly impacts both the growth and later life decisions of each child. If I seized every moment and opportunity that came my way it would mean me choosing between the future productivity of my children and myself. I brought them into this world and plan on doing everything within my powers that will allow them to reach their own maximum potential before leaving home. I’m not a perfect person, and have been called my fair share of derogatives, but selfish when it comes to my family has never been one. Me seizing the moment in this instance would be just that.
It’s said that the bare necessities for a person to survive include only food, water, shelter and clothing. However in a world where we’re no longer struggling to survive but instead striving to live I feel we need to add education to that short list. Education is an important value that provides us with the means to live the so-called American Dream. To me being educated is a priceless luxury, but in reality it comes at a cost, a very expensive cost at that. At this point I have a lot invested in my education, including time, sacrifice and most of all money. If I were to follow the “seize the moment” plot, I would feel as though I’m willing to ultimately jeopardize my investment I worked very hard for. I’m from New Orleans, but I’m not a gambler, nor have I ever been or shared any interest in. I was brought up to believe that “one bird in hand is better than two in a bush.” I’ve personally witness many examples of “seizing the moment” gone wrong when a person got over zealous, over looked the...

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