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You're out with your friends. Tomorrow is one of the most important games of the baseball season. You must win. There's a problem, however. Upon returning from the grocery store your friend comes back with two girls and a six-pack. Stay and you'll have a great time, maybe get lucky, but you'll be sick and all out of energy tomorrow. Leave and be a party pooper but go to your game up and ready. Like a lot of people my age, you're a seize the moment person and have wound up staying. Spontaneous decisions run my life as I try to live each moment for what it's worth as described in Erma Bombeck's article where she talks about just that- seizing the moment for what it's worth. Being spontaneous means grabbing life by the horns, fixing a problem right there ...view middle of the document...

Arriving at work is no surprise as you are scolded very loudly but hey, at least your girl won't be mad at you. Being spontaneous at times of rush has gotten me in trouble several times. If I'm in a hurry or going to be late for anything and someone stops me, I will probably be even later. Back in high school, I would walk with girls in the hall chatting and it cost me a lot of tardies. It might not matter to you at that time but it will ten or twenty minutes later."Seizing the moment" has also cost me good jobs in the past. I used to have a real good job at a landscape company. I made maybe four to five hundred dollars a week. In my entire young life I have never earned more money than during that time. I was living real well then. I had a history, however, of calling in for doctor's appointments, family emergencies, etc. Well turns out one night I was hanging out with my friends and I spent the night so I left my keys in the clothes I wore then. I had asked for the next off but failed to go back to the house and get my keys. The following Monday I arrived at work and tried to explain my situation but it was too late- I was fired. Another occasion was my job at a local grocery store. It just so happened that everyone was going to a concert and out to eat. I was so caught up in the moment that I completely for got I had work. I called in to apologize but it was too late. I was already terminated.Fun is something you'll definitely have if you always seize the moment. You'll enjoy your life to the fullest and experience anything that comes up. There are, nevertheless, huge consequences to living your life this way. You're always late or always have to make up excuses for mistakes you've made. Changing is definitely something I have set in my mind and I must plan on it if I have a shot at success.

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