"Select A Client And Analyse The Client's Occupational Performance (Function And Dysfunction) In Theoretical Terms" I Applied The Model Of Human Occupation.

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Occupational Therapists use theory to base their practice on, and these theories help to analyse a client's occupational performance. I went on placement to an Intermediate Care team, where I met a Client, who I saw frequently during my time there. To analyse this client's occupational performance, I am going to use the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO). Kielhofner (2002) developed the model, which he originally based on an open systems theory. The theory describes occupational behaviour in three subsystems, which are volition, habituation, and performance capacity (Turner, Foster, Johnson 2002). Kielhofner (2002) also emphasises the importance of the environment on the person, in relation to these subsystems. The environment is made up of things that can arouse us, and can promote action, including social and cultural pressures. This includes a person's physical, social and cultural environment.I met the client on an Intermediate Care ward where, she had come in following a fall, and her Son was worried about her. She had been on the ward for a few weeks when I arrived, but on my first day, the Occupational Therapist decided to take her on a Home Visit, to assess her to see if she could be discharged because she had been on the ward for several weeks, and she did not seem to require the service any longer. I was informed that her confidence had decreased significantly, and she was very anxious about going home, which she reported was in case she fell. However, the OT told me that she had often felt that the client's falls were a little false and wanted to see how she was, on the visit. The visit included a Physiotherapist, an Occupational Therapist and I, who accompanied the client. She presented as being very anxious, and made many comments that reflected this, to which the Physio and the OT refuted. During the assessment, she managed to get around her flat, but she did not use her Zimmer frame correctly. She would pick up the frame and she would try to use it to pull herself out of the chair. She stumbled several times, and complained that her leg "just goes" without warning. I have to say that her stumbles did look unusual and a little false. Once back in the hospital, we returned to the office where one of the other Physios said that the client had used her frame perfectly on the ward.The client requested another week, which was granted, and she was discharged from the ward into the community team, but 24 hours later, A&E phoned to let the team know that she had had a fall. She was returned to the ward, where she went on a hunger strike, and refused to join any of the groups. She refused to go home saying that she would "not cope". The team felt that her main problem was her anxiety, as she never damaged herself when she fell, not even a bruise. The team agreed that she needed to overcome her anxiety and return home. The Intermediate Care service is supposed to last no longer than 6 weeks, so the OT saw her the following week, to assess...

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