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Select One Media Example (This Can Be A ‘Text’, An Institution, An Event…). Engage In A Brief Comparative Analysis Of It Using Two Of The Approach

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Google is not the only company that has worked under self-censorship inside china. Other corporations such as Microsoft and yahoo have also acted in a manner to sensor themselves in order not to make any offence to CIIRC. The Chinese government has viewed employment of panoptic on system to be very beneficial as self-censorship is often even more pernicious and successful than its own attempt to filter the web. Self-censorship online is considered as the most effective way of controlling individuals and online journalists in regard to internet in china (Hachigian, 2002). The party state has achieved control over information by turning every worker media worker into a meticulous self-censor ...view middle of the document...

This should make room for provision of new guidelines regarding the prosecution of social media cases. This is because they are a danger to free speech and hazard to the web. Laws should be formulated that will accommodate free expression online.
There have been occasions of unofficial censorship, on 29th of January 2013, Sunday Times Editor Martin Ivenes was forced to apologize for publishing a cartoon by Gerald Scarfe depicting Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. This was appeared in a time when the British were marking the Holocaust Memorial Day. The cartoon which was depicting the Palestinians been crashed by the Israeli leader who was building a wall in the process. The apology came after a lot of intimidation from the public through criticism. It seems very odd to apologize for a “grotesque, offensive” cartoon. By all means and nature cartoons should be grotesque, and to some extent offensive. Robert Edwards was sentenced in 1981 for “aiding and abetting, counseling and procuring the publication of material likely to incite racial hatred.” Robert Edwards work was transparent to say the least his conviction came after the publication of such as the ‘Storme’r that was viewed to target black and Asian people. More recently in 2009 Simon shepherd and Stephen whittle were convicted for several offences that included pushing a leaflet entitled Tales of the hoax through the door of a black pool synagogue. This depicts clearly that Scarfe’s blood-spattered commentary on Netanyahu is quite different to the output of Edwards, whittle and shepherd. I can therefore concur with Murdoch’s tweet that the intervention of around 20 MPs...

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