Choose One Issue Covered In The Course And Compare How It Relates To Two Religions Of Your Choice.

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GENL1022: Short EssayChoose one issue covered in the course and compare how it relates to TWO religions of your choice.Hinduism is one of the oldest religions with historians gaging is to be over 5000 years old whilst Islam as one of the youngest originating about 1500 years ago (ABC 2014). Islam and Hinduism are the second and third largest religions in the world, respectively. Combined they account for the faith of over 2.6 billion people all over the world (CIA 2014). Thus the actions and customs of these people impact the lives of over 1.1 billion women all over the world (CIA 2014). The topic of this essay is the similarities and differences of marriage in both the Islam and Hindu faiths, with a particular focus on child marriages.Marriage in the Western culture is a social norm, it is a legal union between a female and male. Within the Hindu faith marriage is a sacramental moment in one's life, as it much more than a legal union between two people it is a bond between families and a continuance of the patriarchal line (Allendorf & Ghimire 2013). Klostermaier (2008, p 45) notes that marriage as the most important saṁskāra for all Hindus as it a women becomes 'half of man' and she is defined by him. Allendorf & Ghimire (2013) states that Hindu belief emphasises a patriarchal society where by the male reigns supremacy over the woman, also the doctrine of pativratya (husband vow) reinforces the concept of being married to that man is for life, and it is seen as the one of the highest levels of devotion. According to the Laws of Manu (n.d.) 5.154 a women is expected to worship her husband as a god whilst devoting her whole life to servicing him and taking care of his children. Thus is it clear that Hindu woman's life is constantly denominated by the men in her life defining her as daughter, wife and mother. With marriages there is a requirement from the bride's family to pay a dowry to the groom's family, which is now a commonplace with all castes and the average payment has increased dramatically (Srinivasan & Bedi 2007).Child marriage is still very common practise in India and most of South Asia with it affecting more that 60 million women worldwide (Raj, Saggurti, Balaiah & Silverman, 2009). Raj et al. (2009) note that child marriage is defined by the UNICEF as marrying before the age of 18 and has increasingly become seen as a violation of human rights. In India where Hinduism is the main religion, there is still a considerable amount of women being married under the age, Raj et al. (2009) states it to be 44.5% of all marriage in India occur for women before the age of 18. However Gywnne (2014a) notes according to UNICEF this number is much higher in India with 47% of Indian girls married by 18 and 18% married by 15 which accounts for 65% of all marriages in India. Reasons for child marriage are to lower dowry, ensure virginity, maximise fertility years and to give birth early so parents can see their grandchildren...

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