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Selecting A Political Party Essay

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There is one right given to americans that seems to stand for all of the rights and that is voting. The right of voting is the right given to all Americans who are at least eighteen years old. Voting is the foundation in which Americans can gain more rights. For most being American and voting is a big deal. Most will say it’s our constitutional right. Voting is knowing that the person or people that one decides to choose represents him or her. The people who are voted into a office will ultimately be making governmental decisions for Americans. These decisions represent and reflect the American people whether they like them or not.
Nevertheless if one is voting he or she has to make a choice between what political party will best represent his or her views. Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican? These are the two main parties that seemed to be thrown at me. If I’m conservative do I have to believe in a religion and that government is getting too big? If I’m a liberal do I have to like Obama and all the things he does? These were the preconceptions that I had about both parties. I noticed as I approached the age of eighteen my political stance became really important to my life. Republican or Democrat? These two parties were the only major parties that actually mattered. I had to pick one party, but which one? Which party seemed to understand my needs and goals? Which party would make the decisions I’d make, stand for the things I believed in more? Could I vote for a person who I really connected to without committing myself to a political party?
Considering that I was rather on the fence about these political parties I had began to examine each of them. I needed to find what made each of them great. The first political party I took a look at is the left, the liberals, the democrats. defines a democrat as “a person who believes in or supports democracy.” Democracy being “a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting.” That being the case these democrats seemed to be what it mean to be Americans. Still, I did have to see the very options that democrats provided for Americans. Who were the faces of democrats? Then I began to notice people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were the faces of a democrat. Honestly, I took a liking to them; they didn’t look like ones typical politician. They were both minorities in their positions in government; Hillary a female who ran for president, Barack Obama I man whose skin wasn’t of the majority and is now president. Democrats seemed to be making history and that caught my eye. The democrats seemed to be all full of new ideas and movements it became apparent that they might be for me. But even so I needed to know what was great about the other political party.
Republicans or people who believes in or supports the republic form of government, was the next political party that I looked at. Subsequently, I had to take a look at the word “republic,”...

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