'selecting One Of Either Herbivory Or Carnivory, Describe The Similarities And Differences In The Feeding Strategies Of Vertebrates Compared With ...

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The feeding methods of invertebrates and vertebrates are very diverse, as feeding techniques can vary depending on the animal as well as the kind of environment it is adapted to, animals also have different feeding techniques to maximise their chances of getting food. This essay looks at the feeding behaviour of carnivores and considers some of the similarities and differences in the feeding strategies of; vertebrates such as the humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) and the African lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghiand) and invertebrates such as the Wolf spider (Pardosa milvina) and the Ant lion (Glenurus gratus).
Although vertebrates and invertebrates are different in many ways, they can both be deadly predators and have both developed a wide range of feeding strategies. African lions (Panthera leo bleyenberghiand) and humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) are active hunters which means they don’t sit and wait for their prey. Similarly Wolf spiders (Pardosa milvina) are sometimes active hunters. “They can be idle predators that wait for prey to pass by, or they can actively hunt their prey”. (Vickers, 2001) Wolf spiders(Pardosa milvina) have many feeding adaptations Ross (2001) found “They tend to hunt by sight and chase”. Just like African lions where Boorer stated (1969) “stalking their prey as any other cat would, and then seeking to surprise it by covering the last few yards in bound” (p. 91). Wolf spiders also tend to work by surprising their prey as “they will search silently for their prey and pounce as soon as it becomes close enough. Ross (2001) also stated “Wolf spiders are named so because of the way in which they pounce on their prey with great speed and strength”. However another feeding strategy wolf spiders have developed which is different from African lions is that they sense their prey from vibrations “They react mainly to vibrations caused by wings beating or by prey walking on the ground” (Vick, 2001).
Many vertebrates and invertebrates have special feeding techniques to increase the likelihood of catching prey. Like other whales humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) filter feed and capture their prey by opening their huge mouths and taking in huge amounts of water. However humpback whales have a unique feeding behaviour that separates them from other whales. They have been studied working in groups using a bubble net strategy. “Humpback whales employ a unique and complex foraging behaviour – bubble netting – that involves expelling air underwater to form a vertical cylinder-ring of bubbles around prey”( Wiley et al., 2011). This strategy traps the fish in the ring so that they have a more successful chance of catching the prey.
According to Evans (1987), “Another method that is thought to panic their prey is a method referred to as flick-feeding, the humpback dives but as it does so, it flicks the massive tail forwards generating a wave above it which it then passes through with its mouth open. The production of...

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