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Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar For You

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Choosing the Best Acoustic Guitar for YouWith the virtually endless choices of acoustic guitars on the market today, it is no surprise that deciding on one can be a daunting task. This article has been designed to help ease the process by logically guiding you to the best possible acoustic guitar for your needs. The single most important factor to consider when buying an acoustic guitar is its ability to stay in tune. The primary function of an instrument is to hold a constant pitch and the guitar is no exception. A worthwhile guitar should keep in tune whether it is caressed gently with a finger or plucked violently with a plectrum. A guitar that cannot stay in tune is not a fully functioning instrument and will cause problems for any musician. The second most important factor to consider is the style of the neck. The neck of the guitar will be the most intimate to you. Playing the instrument should feel natural and nothing should hurt. It should be a pleasure to play. Wide frets accommodate wider fingers, high fret wire encourages a more delicate touch, and a flat radius enables faster picking. Search for a comfortable neck that enhances your unique style. Thirdly, the wood plays an important factor in the tone and timbre of the guitar. In general, solid wood guitars sound much fuller and well rounded than guitars made from laminated woods or pressboards. Solid wood guitars are also much more dynamic and responsive to the touch. However, about 80% of a guitars tone comes from the spruce...

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