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Q1. Demonstrated ability to work in an environment requiring strong customer service skills.
As an administrative officer in my previous role in Minister Joy Burch’s office I demonstrated excellent communication and listening skills. In this role I had to respond to clients orally and in writing for example, sending emails, writing correspondence and making phone calls. In my role as Secretary for the South Sudanese-Australian Community Association Inc., I have to meet regularly with people of all ages from the South Sudanese Australian communities, both individually and as a group. These meetings are conducted in English due to the diversity of languages spoken by the South Sudanese ...view middle of the document...

In this regard, I know that the student services deliver require communication of approach to listen, response positive for the needs of the student services promptly.
Q2. Demonstrated ability to work and contribute effectively in a team environment.
My ability in contributing effectively to the work environment has been demonstrated during 8 months’ work in Community Services Directorate and four years volunteering work with the South Sudanese Australian Community Association ACT. During that time I have committed myself in being able to work within a policy framework. The policy framework require on me was responsible for the 2009 grant of $ 40,000 given to the South Sudanese Australian Community Association ACT by the ACT government through the office of multicultural affairs ACT. In it guidelines that were provided in the provision I managed to follow it in details of grant evaluation as it finished.
So I should make sure that to follow the student administration requirement guidelines on the policy onto the student service delivering. For instant, I was a leading team liaison member of the South Sudanese Australian during the Work Experience and Support Program (WESP) since in 2010 till 2011 where it was implemented by Minister Ms Joy Burch MLA through the ACT Government. This policy of bringing WESP to our South Sudanese Australian of ACT was an analytical ability that I liaised through the Office of Multicultural Affairs ACT.
The outcome of this project was that 18 South Sudanese Australian graduated through the program. In 2011 I have initiated a project planning in title Driving Instructors, Interpreting and Translating Services (DITS) for the South Sudanese Australian Community Association; this project was found during my three months working at the office of Minister Ms Joy Burch MLA and was passed through the Legislative Assembly ACT under my name. Thus so far this project was implemented through the ACT Government in the year 2012. In 2012 my analytical ability research project was funded by the ACT Government through the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA). As officer I need to have sense of humours to approach the students’ always on one to one basis and beyond as their number of regards increases.
Q3. Ability to empathise with students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
I am familiar with these work place principles and practices. Coming from the Africa background I greatly appreciate the importance of workplace diversity. I understand that workplace diversity is not just about race, it is about all kinds of difference and how we can make the best of the knowledge we bring to the workplace. I promote work diversity to build better strong working relationships with clients and stakeholders and support industrial democracy principles and practices. For example people have different knowledge in different gifts so in this regards to brings these knowledgeable people there are needed to be involves in the following: approach of...

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