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Selection Interview Essay

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Selection Interview

"Selection is increasingly important as more attention is paid to the costs of poor selection, and as reduced job mobility means that selection errors are likely to stay with the organization for longer." (Torrington and Hall, 1998, p221)

The selection decision has always been important as the way for a company to obtain the human resource that is appropriate for the job and company. There are many methods for selection such as: testing, advertising, completing application form, screening, corresponding with the prospective employee. Among these, the two principal selection methods, which most are used, are application forms, and interviews. In fact, it is not just one selection method used in practice. Generally, two or more methods are often used in combination.

Comparison Of Strengths

Selection is two-way process. The interview is a necessarily medium of two-way communication. It supplements the information in the pre-procedures such as application form and reference. It also provides the further particulars respectively to help both ends take decisions.

On one side, the interviewer usually has some basic information from the application form or test, and these may require further face-to-face communication to clarify. For the selector, the interview can provide some further evidence and clues concerning the applicant's personal data, circumstances, career pattern and attainments, powers of self-expression, range and depth of interests, intelligence and special aptitudes, behavioural patterns and preferences which selectors are interest in. On the other side, because interview has a broad range of topics, the employer has the opportunity to introduce the company and explain job details in depth. Applicant also has a chance to ask questions about the job and the company. Therefore, he/she can collect the information he/she required for his/her own selection decision. For the applicant, the main purpose of the selection interview is to get the information, which can help he/she to make an informed decision of whether to accept the job.

Selection interview enhances the reliability of pre-process (such as application form and reference test). As above, the reliabilities of application form and reference need to be proved. "Actions speak louder than words", a skilled interviewer can find some attestations form the feedback and behaviour of the applicant. It is also an opportunity for both ends to clarify misunderstands between them.

Some functions that other methods cannot instead. In an interview, some assessment like the potential compatibility of two people who will have to work together cannot be approached by any other way. The interview, therefore, is valuable in that the way to both potential employee and potential employer.

Application form on the other hand provides preliminary information about candidates that will help further selections especially for interview. It makes the selection...

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