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Types of Selection TechniquesDifferent types of position require different kinds of selection techniques. Choosing the right techniques will help our company to recruit the best person for the position.The selection techniques we choose depend on the particular skills, attributes and knowledge require for the position.There are various of different techniques as follows:*Personality Testing*Ability testsPersonality TestingThese are used to measure the range of personal characteristics, values and attitudes which shape an individual's beliefs and behaviors. There are five factors of personality influenced performance at work.Extroversion - this covers such traits as talkative, assertive, active, ambitious, and expressive impetuous.Emotional Stability - this covers aspects such as anxiety, anger, worry, insecurity, resilience, emotional.Agreeableness - this includes being social, courteous, flexible, co-operative, forgiving, soft-hearted, tolerant and trusting.Conscientiousness - this includes being hard-working, careful, organized, persevering, abiding by rules, policies and procedures.Openness to experience - this includes being curious, imaginative, broad- minded, and intelligent.It is important to note that none of the personality factors are in themselves good or bad, merely differences which make some personalities more suitable for certain activities than others.You will find an example of a personality profile at the appendix together with a report and a review what questions were asked during the interview.Ability TestsThis measures specific attitudes, such as, for example vocabulary, numeric, accuracy, typing speed ect.Such tests are listed beneath for different positions.General Reasoning TestA comprehensive, detailed and accurate measure of mental ability, this test is designed to assess reasoning power for those of general ability.Graduate Reasoning TestA comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental capacity designed to assess high level reasoning ability and therefore suitable for management and graduate caliber staff.Critical Reasoning Test BatteryProvides a detailed and accurate measure of critical reasoning. This test has been specifically designed for management assessment.Clerical Test BatteryDesigned to measure a range of clerical aptitudes and skills for general clerical and administrative positions.Technical Test BatteryMeasures the core skills that are required for selecting and assessing staff, for engineering apprenticeships, craft apprenticeships or technical training. Identifies people who are likely to grasp technical concepts and put them to practical use.Overall the interview is the most poputlar selection technique and most frequently used. The interview is a versatile tool which can be used for a number of purposes such as information exchange, screening, selection.The main types of an interview are :-Structured / unstructured-Telephone interviews-Work samples-Informal meeting and moreStructuredThe structured...

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