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Selective Attention Essay

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Selective Attention: ability to concentrate on one stimulus and exclude othersObesity: adults; BMI of 30 ; Children 95th %>Authoritative Parenting: Parents set limits but listen to child are flexibleSelf Concept: Persons understanding of who he or she is; appearance, personality, various traitsEmotional Regulation: Controlling the expression of emotions, so sadness, fear, anger, so on are not apparentClassification: Logical principle by which things are organized into groups according to some property they have in commonLeast Restrictive Environment (LRE): Legal requirement that children with special needs to be assigned to least restrictive context in which they can learnSynapse: Intersection between the axon of one neuron and the dendrites of other neuronsAutism: Pervasive developmental disorder marked by an inability to relate to other people normally, extreme self absorption and an inability to acquire normal speechAuthoritarian Parenting: High behavioral standards punishment of misconduct low communicationPro social Behavior: Feeling and acting in ways that are helpful and kind, without obvious benefit to oneselfEmpathy: Understand the emotions of another person, especially when those emotions differ from ones ownRough and Tumble Play: Play that mimics aggression through wrestling, chasing, or hitting but in which there is no intent to harmPermissive Parenting: High nuturance and communication but rare punishment, guidance or controlZone of Proximal development (ZPD): Vygotskys, "zone", skills, knowledge concepts, learner close to acquiring cannot yet master without helpTheory of Mind: What other people might be thinking, children realize people not thinking same thoughts as themFast Mapping: Speedy, imprecise way in which children learn new words mentally charting them into categories according to meaningScaffolding: temporary support provided to help a learner master the next task in a given learning processEgo Centrism: Piagets, children's tendency to think about the world entirely from their own perspectiveHidden Curriculum: Unofficial, unstated, implicit rules and priorities that influence the academic curriculum every other aspect of learning in schoolLatency: Freud term middle childhood, childrens emotional drives/psychosocial needs are quiet, sexual conflicts earlier stages only temporary ssubmerged, burst forth pubertyWorking Memory: Component of the information processing system in which current conscious mental activity occurs, SHORT TERM MEMORYKnowledge Base: A body of knowledge in a particular area that makes it easier to master new learningResiliency: Some people endure conditions often harmful, poverty mental illness, social disruptions, low intelligence, adapt in ways that makes them strongerFine Motor: Small body movements, hands/fingers, drawingPrefrontal Cortex: Area of cortex at the front of the brain that specializes in anticipation, panning, impulse controlCluster Suicides: Several suicides commited by members of a...

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