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Selenium And Zinc Within Human Thyroid Tissues

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Selenium is a nonmetal, essential trace mineral that exist in both the inorganic (selenide, selenite, selenate) and the organic (selenomethionine, seleneocystine) forms (5). Its main form: selenomethionine is found in plant sources and selenocystine in animal sources. This important micronutrient is found in high concentrations within the thyroid and perhaps in smaller concentrations in the kidney, liver and other tissues.() In humans selenium is carried out primarily by selenocystine which comprise protein enzymes (selenoproteins) which are found to have primary roles in thyroid hormone metabolism, antioxidant defense and in the immune function. Conditions of the thyroid are associated with ...view middle of the document...

In this experiment selenium and other minerals were measured in 72 patients with thyroid diseases or abnormalities (not under treatment) by taking a sample of both altered and normal tissues of the thyroid. The method used to collect data of the tissue samples was done by using instrumental neutron activation analysis and comparing the both tissue sample data to analyze serum TSH and serum T4 was done using a pared test and Wilcoxon’s test for statistical analysis(1). The results showed selenium concentrations were higher in nodular tissue than in normal tissues in CMNG but in PMNG the selenium concentration was lower in nodular tissues than in normal tissues (1). The study found that both iodine and selenium levels to be similar in relation to serum TSH of nodular tissues, which appointed to some patients having a deficiency in both minerals and concluded that both zinc and selenium concentration in the thyroid gland could be dependent upon TSH. (1)
High-selenium yeast supplementation in free living North American men: No effect on thyroid hormone metabolism or body composition.
In this study researchers were interested in long term health effect of high level selenium supplementation in normal health men. Researchers concluded from results that an increase of selenium supplementation did not correlate to alter thyroid hormone or metabolism to a substantial degree. In the prior research study to this one; Two groups of men: first group fed high selenium foods and group two was fed low selenium food which resulted; subjects who were taking low selenium supplementations were shown to have increased serum T3 and decreased body weight where mend fed high selenium foods were shown to have a decrease in T3 and an increase in weight gain (4). This could be important in future studies in distinguishing if dietary intake is more effective than a supplemental form of selenium.
Supplementation with antioxidants in the treatment of Graves’s disease; the effect on glutathione peroxidase activity and concentration of selenium
This experiment demonstrates selenium’s action in protein enzymes (selenoproteins) for conversion of thyroid hormones and antioxidant defense against radicals and reactive oxygen.
From the results: selenium paired with other antioxidants used for therapy on Group A patients...

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