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When it comes to speaking with someone that might have a different view on life you need to take great care to not offend or hurt someone. Just because a person lives next to you, your whole life does not mean that they share the same worldview as yourself. The United States today as it has been for years has been a place that people could live with different cultures, a melting pot as some call it. It is easier to speak to some cultures than others. There are some beliefs that do not go hand and hand with a Christian worldview. Some believe that there are multiple Gods and others that do not believe in any Gods or higher power. Within each religion there are multiple views on the religion itself. Within the United States it seems there are many people that hold a worldview of a Secular Humanism

The Renaissance changed so much in the way that people trusted the word of God. It allowed the word of God to reach more people and it also gave way to people doubting the word. With people having a questioning nature already it allowed people to start questioning their very being. Is there a God? How come I have never seen any evidence of this said God? How come scientist say that humans evolved from monkeys?
The Question of Origin from a Secular Humanism point of view is that they tend to follow the scientific point of view of evolution. Science has proven that evolution has changed all inherited characteristics of our chemical makeup as time goes by. Humans are just apes that have changed over time to become what we are today. Humans have adapted to walking upright and have a common language.
The Question of Identity means being human means that we have to face a problem head on and use reason and science to find the answer. Humans are the highest on the food chain and yet we are only made of matter. We mean nothing the greater picture.
The Question of Meaning/Purpose since God did not create man and he is just made up we are not made in the image of this so called God. Galileo Galilei stated “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” With science we discover that humans are made up a chemical makeup with DNA. Since DNA shows each detail that makes each one of us unique. Evolution has shown how we are closely related to Apes.
The question of Morality can be answered simply by saying that right and wrong is known with each person. There is no moral absolute standard. Humanity is naturally good and just needs to be reminded of the good that can be done. Since there is no...

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