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Question And Answer On Christian Gospel And Culture

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1).What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture?

The teaching of Jesus Christ is hard for some cultures to grasp. Humanity is prone to question everything. How people use their worldview plays a key role. Most Christian accept the Gospel message at it full value and yet with teaching from a church they only accept part of the message. Now it seems like progressively that people are turning away from God. Since people cannot see Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God they just suppress prier teaching from the Bible. In some cultures the Bible is looked at as a taboo.

2).What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the Christian gospel?

Some may reject the Christian gospel because of a cultural taboo to how they was raised. People in some cultures feel if they believe in God that they will be rejected by family and friends. However some will reject the gospel simply because they have committed a sin. Even though you have sinned does not mean you are not loved. It is hard for some to grasp the idea of there being a higher power out there. Some just have to have proof. Without proof there is no facts or evidence to show the stated facts to be true.

3).What are some specific emotional reason people may reject the Christian gospel?

A person’s emotions play a role all of their own. Fear of the unknown is the most common. A person tends to fear something they cannot touch, see or hear. Although a person can hold the Bible, read it and listen to the words. They question their existences. Judgment by family, friends and even the church may cause them the reject the true teaching of the Christian Gospel. Anger and resentment towards God will cause a person to turn away from the Christian gospel. At times there is a feeling like God has abandoned you. People that their faith is hanging on the brink and...

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