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Self Actualization Essay

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The next step will be to identify the mission and values as it establishes the road to be conquered. Personal mission and values may be a necessary road to take to arrive at the personal branding destination. Missions are typically a company’s ideal state and individuals may use them for the same reason. Personal missions are people’s guiding principles that they aspire to be; therefore, should be revisited occasionally to make sure it continues to be applicable. A personal mission may include the person’s values and goals, for example, “A credible and honest person who takes pride in my work without sacrificing my integrity in everything I do.”
In personal branding, mission and values separate the individual from his or her colleagues, family members and friends. Values are beliefs that may have been taught based on teaching, culture or experience. Choices and decision-making derived from values; hence, companies evaluate their employees ...view middle of the document...

It is a matter of taking the strengths and leveraging from them, while taking the weaknesses and creating developmental goals. Thorough planning is important when looking at opportunities and threats to create action items and goals surrounding them. Mission and values should remain as a compass to ensure that the paths will lead to the desired destination through making the right decisions aligned with the goals.
Personal branding may be a marketing tool that individuals use to market themselves to other employers including their current company but above all else, it is a personal way to develop oneself. According to Blaise James of Gallup, “It should demonstrate your authentic talents and strengths. Your self-brand is integral to your career and your life -- and it influences your long-term career strategy and development” (“The Value of Personal Branding,” 2009). While management may assist in the opportunities, in the end, it is the individual who needs to plan it, find opportunities and execute their developmental goals. Personal branding can provide individuals with the distinction they need to retain or obtain a job. Our current economic conditions still consist of high unemployment rate where competition for a vacancy is still fierce. Companies are continually laying-off workers and personal branding may be vital in getting recognized by current and future employers. Personal branding enables individuals to be more consistent with their decision making and prominent identity hence leaving a positive fingerprint in their work. Those who have gone through personal branding can seize opportunities and leverage their strengths while solidifying their weaknesses to better secure their roles and be recognized by peers and management. “Having a personal brand is a leadership requirement. It enables you to be a better leader, a more authentic leader that can create greater overall impact” (Llopis, 2013). While personal branding is not a definitive answer to employability, it is one of the tools people can use to know they have performed their best and earned their place in the workplace and in society. The journey to personal branding takes a few, but painless steps and may require an occasional revisit, but in the end it is worth the trip.

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