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Self Analysis On Subject Me

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My subject of self-analysis is myself. I am currently twenty six years old. I am a college student that is pursuing a degree in psychology and human service. I have been with my husband since I was the age of fifteen. We have been married for almost eight years. I married young because my boyfriend at the time was joining the military. I left my home, my schooling, my friends, my family, my entire life to be with my husband. My personality has changed drastically throughout the years due to the many obstacles that I have been faced with.
While I was growing up I lived in a microscopic town. I lived there until I moved away to be with my husband. To paint an accurate picture of my hometown, the town has more cows and chickens than people, in the entire county there is not a single stop light, only stop signs, it is not uncommon to see people riding tractors, four-wheelers, or even horses down the road. It really is that tiny. I was born in the spring, and was the first child that my parents had. I was the only child for eight years, until my little brother came along, and then a little sister when I was twelve. My entire world changed when my little brother was brought home. I had all the attention, from everyone, and then I had to share it. I was a quite baby, that rarely cried, and was typically happy entertaining myself. I loved playing in the sand box, and being on the water. I also loved animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and fish. Nearly any kind of fuzzy or furry animal. I loved when my grandmother would read me books and sing to me. I grew up going to church every week with my grandparents. While I was growing up my parents began to fight, my father is believed to suffer from an anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. The fighting continued my entire childhood and up until I moved away.
When I reached early adulthood I started questioning “who am I”, “what do I want to do when I grow up”, “who do I want to be”? These question continued to circulate for many years, and at times, still bombard my thoughts. Many people claim that I have a wonderful personality, am easy going, and typically have a smile on my face. Some individuals have called me “bubbly”. My public imagine is that I am polite, helpful, smart, and that I try to assist others when I am able. I am considered an extrovert, because I thoroughly enjoy being around other individuals. I am very talkative, I also like to travel, and being with family. I can slightly impulsive, typically when something is very cheap.
I like many other individuals have searched for meaning in this world full of chaos. My personality has changed drastically throughout the years, as I have grown and changed, my personality has too. I suffer from anxiety, and during my husband’s first deployment I had an emotional breakdown. I was sent to a counselor because I was so distraught over the events happening in my life that I was unable to change. I had to complete therapy and was also given medication to...

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