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It is important to reflect on how we learn best. By using our best learning methods, we can study and take notes more effectively. We can also memorize information easily. Our best learning methods can also help us to understand facts better. It is important for me to be aware of my learning styles. I can use them to study for tests. Also, I can memorize and understand information from every class. One of the ways in which I learn best is by making flashcards to study vocabulary. Another way is by making charts to organize details and analysis. Also, I learn best by answering questions on foldables. These learning methods help me to learn best because they help me stay organized.
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Making charts helps me to learn better because I am able to organize my ideas neatly and collectively. For example, in Global when we read handouts, I usually make charts to document the information. Also, in English, I recorded information on a chart to help me study for the Short Stories exam. These artifacts show that I was able to organize the facts. This is an effective learning method for me because I am a Mathematical-Logical learner. I like to separate my ideas into several columns because it is easier to read and understand. To help me next year, I can make charts to help me in other classes. Especially when I am reading a handout, I can record the important details in a chart.
The final way that I learn best is by answering questions on foldables. In Geometry, my teacher gave us foldables with questions that were organized into different sections, based on the difficulty. There are four different sections, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. The Level 1 questions are the easiest, while the Level 4 questions are the hardest. Also, in Global, we sometimes make foldables to neatly record details, analysis, and pictures. These foldables have helped me because I am a Mathematical-Logical learner. Foldables organize the topics easily. In Geometry, the different sections show me what the easiest and hardest questions are. In Global, I ca specifically write about the facts on one topic per section. In order to be successful next year, I can make foldables in more classes.
My work in the graduate profile area has changed me as a person. So far, I believe that I am skilled for success in global environment. Throughout my...

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