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Self Assessment Of Financial Management Students To The Financial Analysis Skills

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In the first statement Graph A and Graph B shows that the respondents agree to attend various seminars to know more about analyzing finances in the business. Only few of the respondents strongly disagree on this statement.
Most of the respondents choose strongly agree and agree because attending seminars can help a student or an individual in finding a job. Respondents also agree in this statement because attending seminars can build your personality to become a professional someday.
As shown in Graph C and Graph D, most of the respondents strongly agree and agree to have proper training and experience before entering their field. Only few of the respondents strongly disagree on this ...view middle of the document...

An individual should master all the necessary data and information assigned to them. It is also important that an individual has enough skills and knowledge to know and understand better the statistics.
Based on the Graph I and Graph J, most of the students strongly agree and agree on the statement “I should have thorough understanding of all departments of the business.” Only 30% of the respondents choose disagree.
Having knowledge in understanding all the departments of the business is important. Each one of the members of the company should know all the branches and agencies related to the business. It is also important to know the persons involve in a business.
Based on Graph K and Graph L, majority of the students answered strongly agree and agree that it is needed to be mentally tough to survive in this profession or field. Beside those, there are still students who answered strongly disagree and disagree on this statement.
Being mentally tough in this kind of field is really needed. In this field, it is pure analyzation and accounting related field.
Based on Graph M and Graph N, majority of the students chooses strongly agree regarding on having a thorough understanding the various accounting procedures and methods. There are still students who chooses the rest of the choices.
As it is stated on the previous graph explanation, accounting is related in being a financial analyst. It is included in the subjects that must be taken up by students taking the course of financial management.
Based on Graph O and Graph P many answered strongly agree and agree towards in making decisions regarding investing or lending capital. Still, there are 17.69% of students who disagree regarding in this statement.
Based on Graph Q and Graph R majority of the students chose agree and some of them answered strongly agree and strongly disagree. In this representation, it is reliable to entertain others suggestion that will be a great help in the business to gain more knowledge or strategies for the company to grow and it will give many options for the managers or heads to promote the product of the company.
Knowing financial analysis skills are important to those whotook up, taking up and will take up BS Financial Management. It is a requirement to be familiarize on those skills. Majority of the companies are looking for some financial analyst to check for the financial stability of the company. Analysing, spread sheets, checking up or making the...

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