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SELF ASSESSMENT PAPERSelf-Assessment paperVictoria M SaygbayMLea 6308Lubbock Christian UniversityThis paper is based on my personal assessments, discussion, and reading to this point that assesses my strengths, weaknesses, and plans for growth in the following EI-related areas.Self-Monitoring: Accurately observing myself so that I can keep me on a positive track of action. I realize that my lifelong active participation in my ongoing education and growth reflects my ability, desire and efforts to continuously learn and improve as I progress academically and/or professionally. But recently I have had problems with sleeping entirely too much. My friend Ann told to me that anyone who over sleeps knows that too much sleep will drain him/her of all energies. In recent monitoring I found out from Ann that "too much sleep gives one's body too much resting time. Therefore, the blood is not flowing through my body properly". We all need at least eight hours of sleep a day. A nap is good also. Working a full time job and doing my assignment online late at night throughout the week causes me to become restless and in need of lots of sleep. To avoid from getting too much sleep, I created a time management schedule that provides me with different activities in a timely manner. Doing so, will enable me to monitor the way I use my time. Lately, I have been doing more sleeping and less exercising. In order to avoid my sleeping habit, I came up with a goal. That goal was to use the time I spent sleeping more productively by exercising instead. Exercising should be an important part of my weekly schedule. Anyone who exercising knows that starting is the hardest part. To achieve my goal I had to make a schedule of exercising activities. Self-motivation is the key to achieving all my goals.Empathy: Understanding the feelings and concerns and taking their perspective; appreciating differences in people's feelings about things. And also Empathy is what happens to us when we leave our own bodies and find ourselves either momentarily or for a longer period of time in the mind of the other. We observe reality through his/her eyes; feel his/her emotions, shares in her pain. Sometimes I sit in the abandoned building near my house, it is during these times I wonder about what could have been. My imagination, vivid with practice of observing the many PE classes I have sat by, the sports games I had watched. And yet, the one thing I had always envisioned myself as was a ballerina. I think it was something about the grace and the beauty of the lines that was indefinable and that held me in its grasp. It was something that I knew I would never be able to attempt and yet it was the thing that I longed for most. It was so different from my current state, I was just too heavy and when I looked from where I was sitting I could see the entire ballerina I was looking at were weightless. I would sit for hours by my window and envision myself in pointe shoes, tights, and a tutu,...

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1185 words - 5 pages speech cannot be perfect, but at least I learned from myself to deliver a better speech in the future. 2. How would you prepare differently next time? I was only record my voice during my preparation for the speech, however I need to record myself deliver a speech before I give the real speech. I think, by doing some self-evaluation before the real speech will let me to find more things for improvements. Keep practicing is also the key of a smooth speech. I prove it, because when I practiced in a week, there was nothing will destruct my mind during the speech. I was so focused on my speech.

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897 words - 4 pages informal learning, it appears that the field has significant potential. Leaders who are actively trying to further their careers would be interested in how they could use their self-assessment of their skills as a basis in which they can further develop their skill sets in the future without any formal training. Leader self-development enables leaders to adapt to the continually changing environment both within and outside of the organization

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2032 words - 8 pages , destroying the team spirit that once prevailed.Personally, I have a certain pride. I wish to do my work, whatever it is, with quality and efficiency. I accept the way things are, and do not waste my time complaining about 'the way things should be.' These are the values I hold most dear; personal values that I adhere to, and would very much like to see in those around me. It would be nice to find a way to promote self-sufficiency and acceptance

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1450 words - 6 pages assessment helps to motivate individuals, raise self-esteem and increase confidence. Evidence gained can be used to persuade employers, college's etc. that an individual has the potential to do a particular job or training course.Vocational Assessment, is the process of gathering information. The purpose being to gather information on individuals, attainment, aptitudes, interest's and learning style. Vocational assessment is the key to helping

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2137 words - 9 pages system. Evaluation is another tool utilized by instructors to get student input on how they may improve the class. Building an activity into an assignment is called embedded assessment. For instance, a student might be assigned a research paper where they the directive is to use APA format. The embedded assessment is their knowledge of APA. Direct assessment demonstrates knowledge of learned material either in written, presentation, portfolio

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672 words - 3 pages later. Two college classes focused on writing skills, with one being more successful than the other due to the teaching methods. After completing these classes my skills have improved but I still have many weaknesses I am hoping to overcome throughout this course. I am focused on improving my writing skills in order to advance my career and this self-assessment is my first step towards that goal.

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1197 words - 5 pages Self Assessment and Reflection PaperAbstractThe amount of one's success can best be determined simply by understanding their style. By style, I am not speaking of a particular hairstyle or way of dress, but of a learning style. Learning styles are different approaches to learning. Just as one's personality can be as unique as that individual, so can one's learning style. Properly identifying an individual's learning style can help to facilitate