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In a dynamic economic where change seems very pivotal as we move into the twenty-first century. Acquiring self-development and being self-aware as a manager is very essential in the business environment in order to stand out of a large crowd also gaining competitive advantage in the work place, one needs to continuously develop new learnings in becoming a “knowledge worker” in his or her organisation (Telford, 2006). The higher the level of education of a manager the better the salary he receives .it is very vital at this point to examine the usefulness of self-awareness and self-development and how it adds value to an organisations success also how it creates competitive ...view middle of the document...

Zaccaro (2007) argues that Self-awareness in any area of life is a perquisite for problem solving and success the more we are informed about ourselves the more effective we become in getting the work done. Self-awareness practice theoretically takes an individual beyond his or her present context; by reflecting on their performance they gain a greater influence towards the nature of present experience. Self-analysis is very emancipatory because it contributes to the development of person knowledge (dekeyster et al, 2008). Self-awareness has three components that stand useful for an effective manager which are
Component Explanation
Emotional awareness
Self confidence

In becoming an effective manager for my future career self-awareness wound enhance my ability to identify myself constantly in order to manage myself and order individual in the organisation, it we help me identify area of success and areas of growth in knowing my strength and weakness that seeks for improvement as a manager it will help me to be more effective in performing my job as a manager, self-analysis will aid me as a manage in decision process in knowing where am heading to and why in order to achieve my goals; self-awareness gives me effective possibilities for understanding my own emotional dynamics. This awareness also helps me to oversee group emotions in working in team and directly stirring up their productivity (Baldwin et al 2008).
According to Winstanley (2005) Continuous self-development is the overall management process that focuses on systematic analysis, acquirement, creation, development, storage and use of knowledge. Its helps to maximize human capital to the extent where we can transform it into structural capital, a part of intellectual property which allows individuals to develop competitive advantages and it helps organisation to reach its goals efficiently. Harlan (2009) supported that self-development is a process by which an individual obtain knowledge, understanding, skills and values in becoming a problem solvers throughout his or her daily life in order to adapt to the charging environment. Knowledge has become a very important asset in organisation so one needs to continuously develop his or herself. Which implies that Individual core competences in the organisation is measured by his or her ability to be innovative in terms of applying new knowledge in solving difficult problems that occurs in the...

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