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Self Awareness: A Critical Approach To The Psychological Assumptions, Approaches And Current Business Practices

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Within the sphere of consulting, self-awareness may be considered the accurate appraisal and understanding of your abilities and preferences and their implications for your behavior and their impact on others (Furnham, 2013). It is interesting to note that many senior leaders think about self-awareness in transactional terms; a tool to call upon in certain situations. It is a compartmentalized concept rather than the driver of their emotional, thinking and behavioral responses (Nicol, 2010). It is thus essential that managers, leaders and employees, all come to understand the importance of self awareness at work and how to use it to their advantage. In regards to the multi-feedback systems, ...view middle of the document...

The medium should be person-to-person rather than through technology (Furnham, 2013; Matheson, 1988; Smither et al., 2005). The content and manner of feedback is crucial. The opening statement should identify the issue at hand with a summary of specifics which were known and seen. Manner should be direct and sincere to avoid mixed messages. Both giver and receiver should plan the feedback session to avoid wasting time and things going wrong. One should follow the rule of positives first. Received who register positives first are more likely to accept, listen and act upon the negatives. Feedback should refer to behavior which can be changed or should at least offer alternatives as to how these negatives would be acted upon differently. Finally, feedback says as much about the giver as the receiver: it will say a good deal about one’s values and what one focuses on in others. Listen to the feedback we give others and you will learn about yourselves. Similarly, receiving feedback can involve many of the points mentioned above; however there are several other techniques which can be used such as preparing the session. It is crucial to listen to and consider the feedback. As a receiver one must be must be clear about what is being said to avoid jumping to conclusions. Passing the feedback by others rather than relying on only one source is another useful tactic. When receiving feedback, asses its value the consequences of using it or ignoring it, and decide what can be done as a result of it. Finally, although our experiences may be varied from a highly beneficial experience to a difficult and painful process it is valuable practice to reinforce in any organisational relationship, namely the respect for ourselves and others. Ultimately, performance improvement is likely only for feedback recipients who take appropriate action in response to their feedback (Furnham, 2013; Smither et al., 2005)
To summarize, self-awareness has proven to be a difficult competency to define and rate (Van Velsor et al., 1993; Wohlers & London, 1989). Regardless, Self-awareness is the ability to display a high level of congruence with others ratings, without exposure to any special feedback processes. These individuals are usually high performers with stable self-image across competency and performance dimensions (Fletcher & Baldry, 2000). Unfortunately this is rarely the case and thus developmental assessment systems have been developed. In order to draw valid information from these multi-feedback systems it is crucial individuals are trained to extract, analyze and share feedback (Smither et al., 2005). While different approaches to assessing self-awareness are being used, its construct and relationship to performance needs further research. That said, considering the shortcomings in self-awareness measurements and lack of guidance in multi-source/ rater literature in terms of which measure has greatest value, the area would benefit from alternative methods or contexts...

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