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Compassion fatigue is defined as “The emotional residue or strains of exposure to working with those suffering from the consequences of traumatic events” (The American Institute of Stress, n.d.). Compassion fatigue occurs when healthcare workers, especially those who work with patients one-on-one daily, feel the emotional stress of their jobs starting to wear on them. For example, a person who works with a cancer patient and watches that patient worsen and finally pass away, may experience great emotional pain. Dealing with stressful situations over time could also cause compassion fatigue. One way to prevent compassion fatigue is through implementation of Schwartz rounds. “Schwartz rounds are not 'problem solving'. Instead, the focus is on the emotional experiences of staff caring for patients and they allow staff to explore, in an environment that is safe and confidential, situations that confront them.” (Thompson, A. (2013). Schwartz rounds are like support groups for healthcare workers. They allow healthcare providers to share their struggles as caregivers and solve their struggles in teams. Healthcare workers should also make sure to get plenty of rest and talk with their friends about how they feel. One of the main factors to keep in mind in the healthcare profession is to remember HIPPA when one discusses stressors.

Area II – My Personal Self-Care Plan:

My biggest source of compassion fatigue is my genuine love for others. I am compelled to help others in need. Mentally, I know it is not feasible to help everyone, but that does not stop me from trying. In addition, when my clients are in pain, I am also hurt because I have emotionally committed myself to each one of them. I must learn to establish borders to emotionally separate myself from my clients and their problems. I can be compassionate and empathize, but when my workday ends, it ends, and my personal life begins. When I feel stressed, I listen to my favorite music on my iPod or play my one of my favorite computer games. This is my way of zoning out and just forgetting about everything around me. It...

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