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Self Change Essay

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Individuals are products of their life experiences, with the ability to create and modify behavior; the ultimate goal of alteration of a behavior is improving some aspect of your life through analysis, and implementation of sequential procedures. For this project, I have chose to modify an increase in my daily water consumption, with the intention to enhance overall health and wellness. Water is an essential element for the survival of the human body. At least 20% of water necessary each day is consumed through the foods you eat, with direct consumption of water the most effective and beneficial method of rehydration. Each day, water is lost through the process of urination, respiration and ...view middle of the document...

The stage construct is the key-organizing construct of this model. The Transtheoretical Model interprets change as a process involving progress through a series of six stages. These stages included pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. Behavior is influenced in different ways at each individual stage depending on what stage the person has reached. Without careful analysis and planned intervention, people often get stuck in early stages, often due to lack of motivation to progress in modifying behavioral outcomes. In applying the Stages of Change Model to produce an increase in my daily water consumption, I began in what is called the contemplation stage. In this stage I was well aware of the need to increase water consumption, yet had not yet made commitments in addressing the issue. Those in the contemplation stage can often initiate action by informing individuals of the benefits in modifying their behavior. Though I am well aware of the importance of consuming water, lack of motivation to drink water is acting as a barrier in preventing action. Motivation can often be increased through creating a perception of oneself, and setting achievable goals to be rewarded in modifying behavior.
Base-line data is a critical reference point in assessing change through analysis over a 2-week water consumption log, it will serve as a guide to the implementations in modifying the behavior through goal setting, and also measuring the level of change that occurred post-implementation. To help me along the way I outlined a product goal as my final outcome, which was achieved through a series of process goals to guide behavior modification. My personal product goal was to increase my water consumption each day over the 2-week period to eventually drink the recommended 64 ounces of water daily and maintain this change indefinitely. I used process goals each day to help me reach this goal. To measure my progress I used an ABAB subject design to measure baseline (the first A), a treatment measurement (the first B), the withdrawal of treatment (the second A), and the re-introduction of treatment (the second B). The first process goal was to carry a 16-ounce water bottle with me throughout the duration of the day. In reference to my diary log of...

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