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Self Concept Paper.

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Marcus McDuffieCOM 101T.J. JenkinsJuly 14, 2003Know ThyselfKnow thyself; it sounds cliché. However, it is the first step, in my opinion, to understanding the importance and impact of our self-concept. The self-perception table was somewhat advantageous in helping me understand how I view myself. On the other hand, nine steps are not enough to justifiable spread out 32 characteristics of a person who is as emotionally mature and complex as I am.The self-perception chart was helpful to the point where I could separate what I believe to be my behavior patterns on lines one, two and three, being my most likely behaviors and seven, eight and nine, being the least likely. This helped me separate likely behaviors such as growing wiser over time and willing to stand up for beliefs from less likely behavior such as putting up a false front and avoiding things. Those areas were black and white.The three numbers in-between, four, five, and six were gray and the characteristics seemed to run over. On line four, I placed the characteristic tense and on the next line over, number five, I placed tolerant. On the fifth line I put confused, but on the sixth line I put expresses ideas clearly. In addition, on four, five, and six I placed liberal, talk too much and shy, respectively. Have such different behaviors so close confused me and that's how I concluded that there was not enough space.I am a very self-conscience person. After stating that, I have a theory that the first part of my self-perception chart did not have a great deal of reflected appraisal. Since my environment is always changing I try extra hard to "keep it real" or stay the same. I would not say that I project a false front to hide how I am, but I very aware that the way people I do not know that well view me and I project myself are different from the way that my close friend...

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2185 words - 9 pages self-concept because she refused to listen to what media says about the acceptable ideal of beauty.   Works Cited Kail, R. V., Barnfield, A. (2012). Understanding Self and Others. In K. Pruesse (Ed.), Children and Their Development (pp. 362-394). Toronto, ON: Pearson Canada. Martin, M. C., & Gentry, J. W. (1997). Stuck in the model trap: The effects of beautiful models in ads on female pre-adolescents and adolescents. Journal

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909 words - 4 pages . Positive or negative feedback not only enhances/deteriorates performance but also has a huge effect on one’s self-concept. Self-concept is a collection of one’s beliefs about oneself; mental image, self-worth and self-competence. Leaders need to be careful while giving negative feedback, when providing their specific suggestions; they must also talk about positives too. This helps put the person in a comfortable position. If this is not done

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1070 words - 5 pages central nucleus of the amygdala, then to areas of the brain that process and control defensive behavior via the autonomic and endocrine responses. Colloquially called the fight or flight response, this enables a person to either engage in direct action to stop the fear inducing agent or removing one’s self from the agent. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic system becomes active during these situations causing increased heart rate, respiration rate

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