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Self Concept: Sexual Abuse And Being A Mother At An Early Age

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Being a mom is something you’re supposed to be when you have already lived, but I didn’t get that option. My self-concept changed when I became a “mom” to my little sister at age seven. I had to make all her meals, protect her from harm, and was an all-around mother for thought and affection.
I was spending the weekend with my step aunt when my self-concept changed forever. My little sister was using the bathroom when I heard a cry and my step aunt and I went to see what was wrong. She said “it hurts when I pee!” my aunt asked her if she had fallen on her girl area and she said no. My aunt asked her if it had hurt earlier in the day when she used thee bathroom and ...view middle of the document...

Her boyfriend ended up in jail and would write us letters saying he wasn’t mad at me for lying either and that he still loved me.
My mother became so furious with me that she began to strike out at both of us more than usual. She never let me be in piece because she was always telling me to tell the truth. So when it came time to get ready for trial and we were asked to restate our statement I lied and said, “He never touched me or my sister. I made it up because my mom wasn’t paying any attention to me.” I waked out of there knowing that my sister and I did not have a mother anymore and that I would have to step up and be a mom to my little sister to protect her from the world and especially my mother.
After that day my days began to change. Now my day started with getting my sister up for school and getting breakfast made. I cooked eggs, bacon and sausage with a side of cereal too. Sometimes I would also make chorizo burritos when my sister asked. Lunch was provide for us at school five days a week and on the weekends I would usually make sandwiches with chips on the side. Dinner also became my responsibility to make for us. My mom wasn’t home and when she was she didn’t care to make any meals for her two girls, only for her boyfriend and her. I would make us good healthy dinners like grilled streak, baked potatoes and a vegetable on the side. With all the cooking I also became in charge of going grocery shopping for thee house. I would take my mom’s food stamp card and then call my grandma and she would take me to the store. I would get yelled out for taking thee food stamps card later but I cared for for my sister than getting in trouble my mother.
I knew that with my mom only thinking about herself that I was my sister’s only savor and protector. My mom had a boyfriend who used to beat her and sexual molested me. I always had to be the one to threaten him in order for him to stop hitting her. I remember one time I ran to the kitchen and got a big cutting knife and held it to his throat telling him that if he didn’t stop I would kill him then and there. My mom’s boyfriend wasn’t the only one that hit her my mother did also. I would always come in the middle of them to stop my mom. My mom used to get angry for the littlest thing like for example one time my sister used too much toilet paper and my mom wen to go hit her and I stopped my mom f4rom hitting her. When I became pregnant at fifteen with my first child I made sure to get out from under that roof as fast as I could. But first before I did I made sure that my sister went to live it my grandpa first. My sister was a freshman in high school now but was still under the dictation of my mother and I...

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