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“Nature verses Nurture,” it is one of the most important topics in many areas of studies such as psychology, medicine, developmental science, and so on. This concept leads to the well-known topic: Individual’s innate talent or self-confidence, which one functions as the crucial key to the road of success? In reality, when people see a professional in a certain area—instruments, compositions, mathematics, etc., they say “that person is so talented!” Although those people would not deny the effort factor, they still think that the innate talent is the essential element to succeed. However, scholars already published gargantuan amount of research papers to inform that the self-confidence ...view middle of the document...

Surprisingly, this method worked well, but it turned into a bomb recipe during my high school year: n my freshmen presentation, I got a C grade because of lacking preparation. Of course, this is one of the greatest shocks I had during my academic life, so it decreased my confidence by proving that the natural innate ability has its limitation. This tragedy in my grade transcript made me to prepare more, such as taking things more seriously. This is the moment when I realized the importance of having a low self-confidence personality and being a modest person.
Some people want to live in splendor—wealth, honor, and beauty, but they do not want to invest much of their life for it. In some other cases, they already think they are putting enough effort in their goals even though it is not enough. This phenomenon became from the media, especially medical and juridical dramas. In this kind of dramas, heroines and protagonists always are representing a high confidence personality by finishing a complicated case in their high intellectual ability (innate talent). This is not the problem, the real problem is that the dramas do not show the reality, or the harshness when those professionals study through their professional schools. However, people with low self-confidence have the sense of reality, so they know if one wants something, his or she has to put the best effort—sacrificing— to get it. This concept functions as guidance to low self-confidence people to work harder. “If you want it, work it.”
From this point, one might infer that the people with innate talent often represent the over self-confidence personality. I would not deny that in some case the innate talent can shine and provide an easier way to achieve one’s goal. For example, I remember a Korean guy called Kim Ung-young, known as the extreme of genius. He was born with intelligent quotient of 210; additionally, he obtained a proud membership of the Guinness Book...

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