Self Disclosure: The Willingness To Disclose Personal Information And Its Implications

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After Module 4 and learning about self-disclosure and how it impacts one’s daily interpersonal skills, my interest on the particular topic will not escape me. Self-disclosure is something that I believe I need a bit more knowledge on because I am young and sometimes naïve. I think that learning about the impact on what it could have on myself and others around me whether they are positive or negative now that I have been through my first year of college could make an impact on how I can grow now that I am practicing the skills demonstrated throughout this semester with my use of interpersonal communication. Self-disclosure is defined as personal information, verbally shared intentionally, that another person would have trouble finding out without being told as introduced in chapter 8 of IPC by West and Turner. For my research I will be looking at different subjects such as how self-disclosure in the female race compares to males and how they affect their gender norms, how communication is affected by self-disclosure, and the negative consequences of self-disclosure. In my current research, I have found several studies and articles that will guide me to the direction that I desire to be while learning about disclosure and how it could possibly affect my future.
The willingness to disclose personal information about one's thoughts, feelings, and experiences has been examined as a function of such factors as demographic characteristics, mental health, personality traits, and the social situation. (See Chaikin & Derlega, 1974a, and Cozby, 1973, for literature reviews.) Topics of self-disclosure and how they affect women differ from men when it comes to trusting and honesty and I feel that the cause of it comes from different “norms” that are developed between the two genders. Gender norms are different “rules” or characteristics that are embellished in men and women’s lives as soon as they are born. Examples such as girls should wear pink while boys wear blue. In the IPC textbook, Chapter 8 says that females are more entitled to self-disclosure than males. The article by Derlega and Chaikin agrees on this fact in saying, “One fairly consistent finding is the tendency for women to be higher disclosers than men on self-report (Cozby, 1973; Hood & Back, 1971; Jourard, 1971a) and behavioral (Cash, Note 1) measures.”. (Derlega and Chaikin 1976) It is believable from personal experiences and encounters. When it comes to norms, I have seen times that women are more capable to feeling more comfortable about speaking about their feelings and are more audible in trusting than men, who are stern and keep to themselves. There is a mental trigger in men when it comes to self-disclosure. There is a fear of being ridiculed and their masculinity being taken away form them if they were to show one ounce of emotion due to the expectations of the male gender.
Seeing the difference between two genders when it comes to self-disclosure can affect on how or why you may...

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