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Self Esteem An Social Media Essay

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Facebook Activity and Self-Esteem
Self-esteem serves as the foundation for many components of who we are and our views on life. High levels of self-esteem have been correlated with greater satisfaction in multiple important aspects of life, including professions, salaries, relationships, and physical health (Orth, 2012). While good self-esteem can be associated with many benefits, low self-esteem is accompanied by countless negative qualities. In a recent study, it was found that adolescents who experienced a decrease in self-esteem experienced more symptoms of depression both in adolescence, and in their thirties, supporting the notion that low self-esteem as well as decreases in self-esteem can be directly linked with depression (Steiger, 2014). Research also suggests that low self-esteem during adolescence, a vital time in development, can increase the likelihood of negative life outcomes in adulthood, such as conviction rates, lower socioeconomic status, as well as inferior health both mentally and physically (Trzesniewski, 2006). Negative, perceived sense of self and physical appearance is damaging to self-esteem and was found to cause increases in depressive symptoms (Steiger, 2014). Self-esteem is very complex and has a multitude of factors, which can affect it in both positive and negative ways, including social interaction. As new forms of communication like online social networking are becoming more and more popular in the social lives of the newer generation, it is important to understand the ways that these social interactions effect self-esteem.
Social Media
Social media sites have become increasingly popular recently and have developed into somewhat of a staple for social lives of the younger generation. Because of the surge in popularity and use of social media, there are a variety of well-known networking sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, which currently have hundreds of millions of users (Kane, 2014). Although social media use has gone up in general, research has shown that individuals with certain personality traits are more likely to use them and more often. These traits include extroversion, not being very conscientious, being more open to experiences, higher neuroticism levels (Kalmus, 2011; Wilson, 2010). The reasons behind all this time spent on online social networking are first to spend extra time, and following that, to keep up with friends and communicate (Ozguven, 2013).
Social media effects.
With the increasing popularity of social media usage, there has been accompanying attention on the effects that spending large amounts of time on these websites can have. Research looking at the effects that perceptions of online social networking circles have on self-esteem, and life-satisfaction revealed a positive roll social media can play. The subsequent data indicated that larger online social circles, regardless of the closeness of these acquaintances, result in individuals feeling like...

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