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The group discussion has just passed, and it was really a hard work and challenging. There were many precious lessons I got, and, hopefully, so did with my friends. Our group was consisting of four students. As a quantity, reasonably, we had had enough power to do a better work and gained a satisfying result. As I flashed back to the group discussion, it was enriching my memories. Some were in high spirit, remarkable and enjoyable. Opposite to it, few were disappointing.
I still remembered that when we directed for the first meeting everyone was very enthusiastic and really keened to do it sooner. It was a successful meeting. Unfortunately, I had to let my friend knew that I would be late for fifteen minutes. It was reasonable because on the same day and almost on the same time I had to report my arrival to Indonesian consulate, which was holding a meeting at Flinders University. Back to our group meeting, I was really happy that everyone was very punctual. Moreover, we held a very fascinating discussion about our topic and everyone was contributing his or her idea to the case study. Luckily, we were all speaking in English, and I really appreciate it. We tried to discuss the case as broaden as we can. Hopefully, we would get a wide point of view to the case. Happily, it was worked out. We collected the problems and everyone got certain problems to look for more information. I, myself, got to check out more for health insurance and law matters. Also, we had second meeting to discuss about the report and presentation. At the meeting, we decided to give one or two topics each. Everyone got the same chance to get the topics. Due to I got an introduction only, therefore, I had to help other pals. In addition, I offered myself to edit the report and hope for the others’ contribution as well. At the end of the meeting everyone was told to send their parts to me, and we would have an online meeting. Also, the part that we got at the day would be,...

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