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Self Help Essay

722 words - 3 pages


Ciante' J. Salters

October 30, 2009

4th Period

American Literature


Don't Kiss and Tell, If You Want To Stay In Your Relationship

Be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time and See What Happens

Doing Drugs Is Not Cute, and What It Makes You Look Like Isn't Either

You Don't Have To Do Something You Don't Want To Do Just To Impress A Guy.….or Girl

You Don't Have To Show Off Your Goodies, People Already Know You Have Them

Chapter 3. Doing Drugs Is Not Cute, and What It Makes You Look Like Isn't Either

When you ask teens what they think about doing drugs most of them will say that they do not plan on trying them, little do they know that with a little bit of peer pressure, they'll be on their way to doing drugs. Many teens see drugs as a pointless thing to do, and think of it as a way teens use to get popular. If someone were to ask Emerson what he thought about teens using drugs as a way to get popular his response probably would have been, "Whoso would be a man or woman must be a nonconformist" (Self-Reliance" 21). Others see it as a relaxing, enjoyable way to ease your stress. Those people, when asked why they do drugs reply with answers like this: "What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think" (Self-Reliance" 23). For those who do drugs, their lives will most likely be changed forever. With drugs come change, and not cute ones.

Go to my old school, Stranahan. Look around, you will see many young and beautiful teens. Look around some more...

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