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Self Help Book Review, "Outing Yourself" By Michelangelo Signorile: Psychology Of Adjustment

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I really enjoyed this book a lot. It talked about so many different things and I was learned even more about whom I am inside.To sum up the book "Outing Yourself" the authorMichelangelo Signorile broke things down into different steps and how to handle the different ways of letting people know you are.He has written a total of fourteen steps. The first three steps are about outing you to yourself. How can we expect others to accept us if we can't accept you? I feel this is very true because if you have self-loathing for which you are and think badly about whom you truly are inside you can't expect others to love and accept you. One-step to start acceptance. As you read and find out the facts you will be able to see you are a good person and that being gay is just whom you are inside. The book talks about meeting other people. It also discusses developing a family of friends. This will help you to learn other people and trying to understand situations they have been through. Also having such close friends they will be there to support you when you are ready to come out. They can give you some pointers and also if things don't like you hope they are there to help you through it. They will also be there to help still love you even though others may not. As the book moves on to help, the next steps, are 6 and 7.The author has you tell your best friend first and to practice first by taking time and rehearsing what you want to tell him or her. He suggests that you try and imagine reactions they may have so you will be better able to deal with it. He writes of good reactions and people who have had bad reactions when they confided in their best friend. After telling your best friend then move on to telling your other friends.Moving on to steps 8, 9 and 10 it is in reference your family The possibility of loosing your parents love and acceptance because of who you are. The risk of loosing brothers and sisters is all very scary. He writes that a lot of parents crying, yell, and wanting you to leave and not want to talk to you again. Sometimes they need the time to adjust to the news. The author writes that you should never yell back in anger that it only makes the situation worse. The best thing to do is to calmly say we can talk about this later when you feel you are ready and leave to give your parents space and time to try and adjust to the news. Some parents in time will choose to accept you and try and adjust to things of which you really are inside.The author talks about bringing home your friends for your parents to meet...

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