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Name: _______________ The Skeletal SystemDate: _______________ By Seamus & NithinThe Skeleton:Key Concept: The skeleton supports the body, protects internal organs, provides a site for blood cell information.Bones provide a system of levers on which muscles act to produce _______________.Bones are the sites of blood cell _______________; Blood cells are produced in the soft marrow tissue that fills the internal cavities in some bones.There are 206 bones in the human body, which those are divided into 2 parts, the _______________ and the _______________.Axial skeleton:The axial skeleton supports the _______________ axis of the body.It consists of the skull, the vertebral column, and the rib cage.Appendicular skeleton:The Appendicular skeleton consists of the bones from the _______________to the _______________, along with the pelvis and shoulder area.The Structure of Bones:Key Concept: Bones are a solid network of living cells and protein fibers that are surrounded by deposits of calcium salts.Bone is surrounded by a tough layer of connective tissue called the _______________.Blood vessels that pass through the periosteum carry oxygen and nutrients to the bone.Beneath the periosteum is a thick layer of _______________ bone.Osteocytes - Mature bone cells.Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts line the _______________ canals and the surfaces of compact and spongy bone.Osteoclasts - Break down bone.Osteoblasts - Produce bone.Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts are what _______________ remodel our bones even after we stop _______________.Within bones are cavities that contain a soft tissue called bone marrow.Two types of bone marrow:Red bone marrow - produces red blood cells, some kinds of white blood cells, and cell fragments called _______________.Yellow bone marrow - made up primarily of _______________ cells.Compact Bone:Although compact bone is dense, it is far from being solid.Running through compact bone is a network of tubes called Haversian canals that contain blood _______________ and _______________.Spongy Bone:A less dense tissue known as spongy bone is found inside the outer layer of compact bone.Spongy bone is not soft and spongy; it is actually quite strong.Near the ends of bones where force is applied, spongy bone is organized into structures that resemble the supporting ______________________________.This latticework structure of spongy bone helps to add strength to bone without adding mass.Development of Bones:The skeleton of an embryo is composed almost entirely of a type of connective tissue called _______________.The cells that make up cartilage are scattered in a network of protein fibers including both tough _______________ and flexible _______________.Cartilage does not contain blood vessels.Cartilage cells must rely on the diffusion of nutrients from the tiny blood vessels in surrounding tissues.Because cartilage is dense and fibrous, it can support weight, despite its extreme flexibility.Cartilage is replaced by bone during the process of...

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1574 words - 6 pages though it was banned secretly some Indian cultures were committing self-immolation. In the 1950’s a royal sati occurred. Sugankunverba was said to be secret and happened illegally this poor woman took great care of her husband until his death. Even though her actions were supposed to be secretive many people in the village found out about her self-immolation. As she died she kept saying "Ram-Ram”, this strong saddened woman is still worshipped

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899 words - 4 pages his own way. “It must be understood that neither by word nor deed had I given Fortunato cause to doubt my good will. I continued as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile NOW was at the thought of his immolation.” He knew Fortunato’s characteristics well, including the weak point. That is how he did the whole revenge. The main characters in this story are Montresor and Fortunado. Montresor wants to take revenge

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