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Self Learning In Medical Students Of Gilan Medical University

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Rapid developments in teaching science seeks more effective teaching science, According to current educational issues, including subject, stereotype teaching, teacher centered instruction and passive learning educational changes are needed to keep pace with medical developments.
During the 1980s, the world health organization with the aim of changing placed university under control. Since then, the range of issues that affect medical education were assessed and new approaches were proposed that learning through problem solving (problem based learning) was among that. Problem-based learning (PBL) is a teaching method based on active obtaining of information by describing and ...view middle of the document...

Regarding to the content expressed, the two methods, E-learning and self-learning based on PBL, can be promoting the education system which together result in making them better and longer learning of up-to-date information. So This study aims to evaluate problem based learning in basic science and physiopathology students of Gulian university of medical science, and factors affecting on self electronic learning of them.
This is a cross-sectional study to investigate self-learning via problem-based method in medical students in basic science and physiopathology of Guilan university of medical science and factors affecting their self electronic learning.In this study Structured questionnaire, distribute among basic and physiopathology students. The questionnaire was divided into three parts: demographic information, evaluating self learning methods and factors affecting electronic learning. Cronbach’s alpha was calculated and equal to 0.78. Demographic data included age, sex, and educational level. Questions related to the self-examination practices and the factor affecting electronic learning contains respectively 7 and 5 questions and designs in the form of Likert 5-part.
Of the 126 medical students who participated in the survey, 44% were male and 56% were females. The mean age was 20.54%±0.11 and 85.7% of Participants were in basic science and 14.3% of them were enrolled in patophysiology. The mean age for men was 20.52±1.15 and 20.53±0.15 for female. 40.74% of basic science student were male and 59.26%of them were female. And from pathophysiology students, 61.11% were male and 38.89% were female.
Using print source to answer question is common to all students. 45.2%, 30.2% and 12.7% of students respectively, have medium, high and very high use of print sources. Some students find the answer to their question by asking other people, especially from upper-year or graduated students. 11 (8.7%) students use this method very little, 38 (30.2%) use it less, 52 (41.3%) students use it moderately, 18 (5.6%) one use it much and 7 one use it very much. Students usage of educational software in order to answer questions and understanding the contents in 23% of students is very low, in 31.7% of students is low, in 38.1% of students is moderate, in 5.6% of...

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